What Every Man Should Know About Menstruation

Period 101: A Man's Guide to THAT Time of The Month

Priyanka Ghura

Beauty Editor

Listen up guys, as the not-so-fairer sex you will never know just what it’s like to go through 5 days of cramps, bloating and mood swings while bleeding in your pants the whole time. Yup, our bodies are even more fascinating than you can ever imagine. We give you our Period 101 to help you understand better what your girl is really going through, and to ensure you’re more sensitive towards her. This man’s guide to THAT time of the month will definitely help you be the best partner ever.

1. PMS Ain’t No Joke

No, it’s not just an excuse for your last fight - premenstrual syndrome is a real thing. As her body prepares to shed the lining of the uterus, a woman can experience a number of symptoms like insomnia, increased emotional sensitivity, stress and mood swings. That combined with physical symptoms like constipation, fatigue, headaches, tender breasts, and bloating can cause anybody to be a bit crankier than usual. Oh and did we mention that now is the time when those ugly, red zits love popping up to really drive us off the edge?

What Every Man Should Know About MENstruation

What you can do is be patient, cut her some slack and pamper her with some extra love and care. Try not to make things worse during those mood swings, she really can’t help them!

2. Bloating Makes It Even Worse

During premenstrual and menstrual periods, women are prone to water retention and bloating, which can wreak havoc on their self-confidence. Our clothes become be a bit too snug for comfort suddenly, and we feel like the size of a bus! Comfy, baggy pants with elastic waistbands are probably our only saviour at this time.

What Every Man Should Know About MENstruation

What you can do is reassure her that you love her, find her attractive and no, you don’t think she looks fat at all. Now is also the right time to tell her how you think she looks much more beautiful in her sweatpants and glasses than in a fit-for-occasions, short dress.

3. The Bloody Truth

No, contrary to what you think, we are not bleeding incessantly all day, everyday throughout our period - not exactly a waterfall situation, guys. FYI,  women only lose about one to six tablespoons of blood every month. And yes, it can be a bit gross, messy and even slimy, and can be accompanied with a particular odour. There’s nothing to get squeamish about this - if a girl can take it so can you right?!

What Every Man Should Know About MENstruation

What you can do is not be immature about it and get grossed out. Try being a bit helpful and even offer to go out to buy her pads or tampons.

4. Cramps Are A Curse

As if it wasn’t bad enough, that time of the month also comes replete with  backaches and cramps in our abdomen! They’re not just an excuse to call in sick at work for us, but can seriously interfere in our daily life, when the only thing we feel like doing is lying in bed like a starfish for hours at a stretch.

What Every Man Should Know About MENstruation

What you can do is shower her with some TLC, offer her a painkiller, sit with her and happily watch her fave shows and romantic comedies back to back, or even try your hand at some housework while she rests. She would be eternally grateful. Promise!

5. Period Sex Helps

A lot of women really do have a heightened sex drive during this time, so offering up some dirty fun can actually be helpful. An orgasm can actually help ease painful cramps for her and even drive that moodiness away and put her in a happier state of mind.

What Every Man Should Know About MENstruation

What you can do is put a towel below, or have some sexy shower time!

6. Don’t EVER Blame It On Her Period

No matter how difficult you think she’s being, and if you’re both getting on each other’s nerves, never ever tell her it’s because she’s PMSing like a b****, or ask her if it’s because she’s on her period. It’s the quickest way to make a girl start spitting fire and make things very, VERY bad for you.

What Every Man Should Know About MENstruation

What you can do instead is calm down and understand what she’s going through and be patient till the storm passes.

7. It’s Actually A Good Thing

Hopefully you are well aware that missing a period is the most obvious sign you will get that she’s pregnant. Flashback to your science class when you learned that menstruation is basically when the uterine wall and unfertilized egg is shed. Which basically means, hurray, you enjoyed a month of amazing sex without it resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. It also means that your partner is healthy and not malnourished.

What Every Man Should Know About MENstruation

What you can do is always remember to use protection!

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Published on Mar 30, 2015
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