people you should never have sex with

12 Kinds of People You Should NEVER Have Sex With

Pradipta Sarkar

Managing Editor, POPxo

Yes, ladies, sex is all kinds of awesome, and we encourage you to have as much of it as possible. But one thing we would always want you to keep in mind: you should only be doing it with someone who genuinely and truly appreciates it. Someone who deserves the pleasure you’re bringing to him. And there are some folks out there who just don’t make the cut. This is our list of the kinds of people you should never have sex with. Ever. (And if you’ve been there already, just make sure you don’t go back again!)

1. People who haven’t disclosed their relationship status to you

Ask. Definitely ask this. Because you do NOT want to be interrupted by an angry partner barging in. And honestly, you should be able to make an informed decision about the person you’re sleeping with, and not be deceived into a situation you might regret later.

people you should never have sex with 8

2. People who think it’s done as soon as they’re done

You know that guy who just rolls over and goes to sleep as soon as he’s done, and you’re not? Be done with him forever.

people you should never have sex with 3

3. People who don’t take no for an answer

Whether it’s about the when or the how or the what, if he’s pushy and aggressive and tries to get you to do stuff that you’re not comfortable with - just get the hell out of there.

people you should never have sex with 4

4. People who believe in one-sided oral

No, no, no. You can’t be that much of a giver that you should be okay with never, uh, receiving.

people you should never have sex with 2

5. People who forget that it’s just the two of you in bed

Someone who brings up his ex or his crush in the middle of action - that is not someone you want to be in bed with. Even if you’re just hooking up with him, and you guys aren’t “together”, when you’re in bed with him, you deserve to be the only person on his mind.

people you should never have sex with 5

6. People who think that it’s only them in bed

If he’s a narcissist who’s constantly talking about himself, he’s not someone who’s going to be interested in your pleasure. Do yourself a favour and say byebye.

people you should never have sex with 6

7. People who are sleeping with other people

Hey, we’re not judging - but remember that safety should be as high on your list of priorities as satisfaction. And it’s hard to be sure that they’re being as careful as they should be. In the words of Ms Holliday in Glee: “Everybody’s got a random.”

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8. People who behave badly with you

Somebody who jumps up and asks you to leave immediately after, or does not have the courtesy to at least offer you a ride home, or pretends to not recognize you if you bump into him and his friends - he does not deserve your body or your attention.

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9. People with bad hygiene

Bad breath, B.O., people who don’t shower or change their sheets… Girl, don’t go there. Just don’t.

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10. People who make you feel bad about yourself

Whether it’s about your body or your bedroom skills or your intelligence - if he’s making you feel bad about any of this, the best thing you can do is to just walk out. He should be happy about being in bed with you, and so should you.

people you should never have sex with 10

11. People who don’t want to use protection

DANGER ALERT. You do not want to end up pregnant or catch an infection because some dude is crazy enough to think that this is a good idea.

people you should never have sex with 11

12. People with whom you have some kind of “mentorship” equation

Whether it’s your boss or a junior at work, or your professor at college - this is a very, very bad life decision. Avoid!

people you should never have sex with 12

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Published on Mar 23, 2015
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