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#GetFit: Nonita Kalra's Guide to Eating Like You're Cheating

#GetFit: Nonita Kalra's Guide to Eating Like You're Cheating

Fab journalist and editor Nonita Kalra is not just an expert on fashion but is a gourmand too. But looking at the slim frame of ELLE India’s former Editor-in-Chief, we would have never guessed it and that’s exactly why we got her to spill the beans on her diet secrets. Nonita is quite the foodie and tells us how exactly to enjoy your meals while eating healthy and keeping the kilos off. Who said you need to starve to look good?!
Eating Healthy What is your diet like? Every single meal must be healthy. Seasonal fruits & vegetables, protein, fibre. Cooked simply, served simply. It is my daily mantra: You are what you eat. What motivates and encourages you to stick to a diet? I believe you are what you eat – that is what motivates my choices. And has motivated me for over a decade. It helps that I genuinely like organic food prepared with no oil. And yes, if I don't eat sprouts every day, I feel sad! Eating Healthy Since you’re a foodie who lives in Mumbai, could you list a few of your favourite eating joints for healthy living? Any food beautifully made with excellent produce is a healthy meal in my book. So The Table and Indigo in Mumbai remain perennial favorites. I love Soam for their simple Gujarati food – and yummy chaats. And Café Zoe for everything on their menu.
Do you at times cheat on your diet? If so, throw us a couple of instances. I am never on a diet so I eat everything. But in moderation and in small quantities. I love good bread and cheese but I don’t want it every day. And I absolutely love pani puri – but I eat it sporadically. I guess the key is to eat a balanced diet – you really don’t have cravings then. And eat / cheat purely for pleasure. How do you stay healthy when you eat out? I eat lots and lots of salad. And I avoid carbohydrates. But since I am not a fan of pasta or rice it isn’t hard for me to make that choice. One healthy must-have every girl must have at home? A juicer and a fridge filled with vegetables. I try and drink at least one fresh vegetable juice every day. I don't trust anything that has been prepackaged. So I don't get into fad diets & detox trends. I eat what is seasonally available – prepared very simply. Carrots & cucumbers thinly sliced is a great thing to have in your fridge. Always ready to eat. It is a huge bonus that my pet dog is crazy about carrots too.
Eating Healthy Do you have a dietician? If so, can you give us his/her details? What's the best thing about her? No, I use my common sense. 5 Good Food rules you definitely follow?
  • Eat fresh food, organic as far as possible at all times.
  • Measure out the oil you plan to use for the day in the morning -- I find this is the only way to ensure that you cook with 2 teaspoons of oil.
  • Eat raw food as far as possible. Think salad, salad, salad.
  • Throw away anything that is processed.
  • Eat seasonal. From local grain high in fibre to fruits and vegetables of the season.
  • The focus is not to starve yourself but to eat beautiful simple food. It makes you full faster & happy. How can you not be healthy and fit then? A good book or a blog on healthy eating that you follow? None really. I read everything that grabs my fancy. And thanks to the internet we are spoilt for choices. But mostly i resist fads because I find just using common sense has made me a super healthy eater.
    An easy healthy recipe to go? Fresh fruit... Really. Or vegetables with a simple lemon dressing. They are beautiful to eat and fill you up fast. Plus there is cooking time or cleaning up to do! Eating Healthy MUST-READ: 15 Things You Never Say To Someone On A Diet MUST-READ: Introducing Our Newest Style Council Member: Nonita Kalra
    Published on Mar 13, 2015
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