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10 WTF Misconceptions Guys Have About Women and Our “Issues”

10 WTF Misconceptions Guys Have About Women and Our “Issues”
So, you know how people are constantly telling us we’re overreacting to stuff, or that our response is just what they would expect of a girl, or that guys don’t really need to get involved because this is a “female issue” - well, we decided to list them down. Dear men in our lives, we love you, but sometimes you need to do a better job of figuring out where we’re coming from. Here are 10 misconceptions guys have about "female issues".

1. That PMS is just an excuse for us to get "bitchy"

Well, excuse us if we’re not cheerful while the lining of our uterus gets ripped out and we bleed for three days while our hormones have been programmed to go haywire. misconceptions about female issues

2. That it’s the “woman’s job” to take care of the home

Being a woman doesn’t mean we are born knowing how to cook, do the laundry and clean every room. Besides, if you’re living in the house, it’s your home too! It’s time to break the stereotypes. misconceptions about female issues

3. That women are "delicate"

Yup, that’s totally why nature gave us the responsibility of giving birth. FYI, our pain thresholds are beyond your imagination, so stop treating us like we’re made out of porcelain. misconceptions about female issues

4. That if we smile and chat with men, we’re flirting with them

It’s called being nice. If you really want to know if we’re interested, you should just ask us. misconceptions about female issues

5. That we should take cat-calling as a “compliment”

“Your hair looks nice today!” is a compliment. “Hey, baby, nice ass!” is not. misconceptions about female issues

6. That women “over-react” when they get touched/ groped in small spaces

We know when a touch is “accidental” and when it was intentional. Touching us/ groping us is a massive violation of our space, and no reaction will ever be enough. misconceptions about female issues

7. That we dress up and wear makeup for men...

Truth be told, most of the time, we’re dressing up for other women. Sorry, boys. misconceptions about female issues

8. ...and that if we wear short dresses, we are “asking for it”!

Unless we open our mouths and spell it out word for word, we’re never asking for anything. misconceptions about female issues

9. That women enjoy sex more because they can have multiple orgasms

To put it simply, no. That is where your prowess really lies, gentlemen. misconceptions about female issues

10. That all women in power are bitchy

Why is it that when a male manager has a no-nonsense attitude, he’s termed as a go-getter and a thorough professional, but when a woman manager does the exact same thing, she’s bestowed with the bitch title? We are just being professional, like we’re expected to. misconceptions about female issues GIFs: Tumblr Featured image: Shutterstock MUST-READ: "It's Only a Dress, Don't for a Second Think It's a Yes" MUST-READ: Say It With Us: "We Are NOT What We Wear"