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#BeautyNovice: How to Do Your Face for the Day and the Night

#BeautyNovice: How to Do Your Face for the Day and the Night


You’ve scored the perfect outfit and your hair is in place. Now the only remaining detail to turn you from simply chic to va-va-voom is getting the makeup just right. Fixing your face (and no, we don’t mean caking it with layers of makeup) can really up your look. But fret not if you’re no expert with your newly acquired beauty toolkit. We present step-by-step guides to a winning day look and a smouldering night look - just what you need whether you’re headed for a casual weekday lunch or drinks at the hottest bar in town.
makeup for the day and for the night

Daytime Dewy: The Minimalistic No-Makeup Look

We’ll have you know that the no-makeup, dewy look is the beauty industry’s current favourite. Which is just perfect because it translates into a beautiful, natural look for the day, be it for a working lunch or a movie with your mom. Step 1: First up, prep your skin with an oil-free moisturizer. If you’re already blessed with a spotless skin, a tinted moisturizer will suffice. Others can apply a layer of BB cream for a smooth finish. Step 2: If you’re looking for higher coverage, turn to a liquid foundation. Finish the base by powdering areas that get oily through the day. Step 3: Avoid overly done eyes. We suggest skipping the eyeliner and opting for fuller lashes with a volume-enhancing mascara. Lightly pencil in the eyebrows and blend it with a brow brush for a natural look. Step 4: Go soft on the lips.  Avoid the lip liner and heavy-duty lipstick. Pucker up with a tinted lip balm followed by a coat of luminous lip-gloss. Pink or coral are our top picks.
Expert Tip: Want to go the extra mile? Match your manicure to your lip colour, but don’t forget to stay within the pastel family! makeup for the day and for the night

Glam Goddess: Smoky Eyes

It is imperative that you step out in your fabulous best after-hours. A fail-safe no-brainer when going for the glamazon look is smoky eyes. This much we can guarantee: nothing else will elevate your evening look quite like this. Step 1: Start by applying a thin layer of creamy concealer or primer (instead of foundation) to your eyelids to create a smooth canvas for the eye shadow to stay on for long. Step 2: Sweep a layer of pressed powder over your eyelid. You can even use a light, shimmery one. Step 3: Next, use an eye pencil to trace a line on your upper lash line and then move on to your lower lash line. Now take an ear bud or a brush and blend this liner for a smudged, undone look. You can even use your finger to do the same.
Step 4:  Next, apply a dark eye shadow with the ear bud or a brush and blend it in nicely from the crease to the lash line. From black to grey to purple, it’s fun to experiment with colours to change up your routine each time. Step 5:  Once you’ve smudged in your darker colour, apply a lighter shade over the whole eye area and blend it all in, making sure to graduate upwards at the outer corners of your eye. Step 6: Dust a touch of lighter shadow on your brow bone to balance out the intense appeal of the smoky eye. Step 7: Don’t forget to blend really well to get rid of any harsh lines. Top off the look with volumizing mascara. Expert Tip: To avoid an overly done up look, keep the rest of your look simple and go easy on the blush and lip colour. The only bold element in your look should be your blazing eyes! * In association with Fair and Lovely for the ‪#‎TogetherOnline‬ initiative by Google India
Published on Mar 20, 2015
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