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Home > Fashion > Indian Wear Trends > Salwar Kameez & Kurtis
8 Kurta Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now!

8 Kurta Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now!

We sure do love our LBD’s, and distressed denims, and shirt dresses, but there are some days when western wear just doesn't cut it. The comfort of a cotton kurta is a welcome break from the fitted jeans and oh-I-can't-breathe tops. Paired with leggings, or a roomy, breezy patiala, the kurta is the sartorial equivalent of comfort food! You’d think, how wrong can one go with a kurta? Its literally the easiest, most straightforward thing to wear, right? Well no! We’ve seen one too many ladies sporting kurtas that have made us wince. And just so that you don’t make the same mistakes, we’ve put down a bunch of non-negotiable no-no’s for you to keep in mind. Pay heed, peeps!

1. The Long and Short of It

Unless you’ve been working out pretty seriously, and have legs in incredibly good shape (who are you?), you would be better off avoiding short kurtas (trust us!) with stretch leggings. It only accentuates your curves in the wrong way, and does not make for a very flattering outfit. Stop. NOW. Please! Kurta Mistakes

2. Fabric Woes

Ladies, if you have a tendency to sweat too much, select natural fabrics like cottons, voiles and linens that breathe. Avoid colours that make the sweat patches under your arms stand out like neon signs. And stay miles away from synthetic fabrics.

3. Choose Styles That Work For Your Body Type

Yes, we agree that Deepika looked stunning in that floor length anarkali. As much as we hate to give you this reality check, you’re probably not 5.11 inches tall and you’re waist isn’t really 24 inches. If you’re curvy, and about a foot shorter, you’re better off in a straight cut, slim fit kurta that will give you the appearance of being taller and slimmer.
Kurta Mistakes Image: https://www.facebook.com/DeepikaPadukone

4. Lining Troubles

Lining peeking out from under the hem of your kurta is a strict no-no. We’re definitely going to report you to the fashion police for this one! Don’t say you weren’t warned! Kurta Mistakes 4

5. Office Appropriate

We’re the strongest advocates of Indian wear in the workplace. There’s seriously nothing as elegant as a crisp, well draped sari in the boardroom, or a well cut kurta in the office. But be occasion appropriate. Leave the embroidered and sequined anarkalis for weddings, and opt for straight or A-line kurtas for work. Be mindful of the necklines - plunging necklines do not look professional, and are definitely distracting.

6. Inner-wear

Just because you’re not in a bandage dress, doesn’t mean you ignore your innerwear! Stick with seamless bras for casual wear. Good quality shapewear will tuck in your tummy and smoothen out your love handles for a smoother silhouette.  If your kurta has heavy embellishments, wear a push-up bra instead. The weight of the fabric tends to make your twins look like they're on a trip down south.

7. Darting The Issue

Dahling, yes, we know you’re after a movie star fit, and darts at the bust and back are just what you need to give your kurta the right shape. But the darts at the front are best left to the the movies of the ’70s. Unless you want it to be the centre of attention!
Kurta Mistakes

8. Off The Rack

We love the Indian wear selections Westside, Global Desi, Biba, Shopper’s Stop, W, Pantaloons and the likes, bring out season after season. You get value for money, contemporary designs, and wash and wear fabrics. All good! But sometimes the fit isn’t what it should be. Particularly if you’ve got wider hips, the shoulders and chest tend to sag.  Buying an ill-fitted kurta is definitely a bad idea. Make sure you get it altered, or better get one stitched. GIFs: Giphy MUST-READ: #RealGirlStyle: The Best Kurtas for Every Body Type! MUST-READ: #RealGirlStyle: 8 Types of Kurtas Every Woman Should Own!
Published on Mar 4, 2015
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