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#NewGirl: Here's How to Meet People and Make New Friends!

#NewGirl: Here's How to Meet People and Make New Friends!

If you're a new girl in town or even a new neighborhood, chances are you don't know too many people. And even the ones you do - you can't hang out with them all the time now, can you? And this is a problem that's kinda worse if you're single and/ or live alone. So what do you do to amp up your social life and make new friends? Well, we tell you - here's how to meet new people!

1. Take Up A New Hobby

Taking up a hobby helps you expand your horizons and develop new skills. A hobby that gives you a chance to explore yourself and allows you to meet new people. Pick a field that excites you and get going. Learn how to play an instrument, take baking classes, learn a new language, or even join a book club in your colony. Once you’re there, talk to everyone. We assure you that at least a few people are bound to catch your interest as potential new friends. Engage in conversation and, most importantly, learn as much as you can. Remember, everyone has something to offer. how to meet new people

2. Plan Some Trips!

Travel is what brings people together. If you’re adventurous at heart, this is something you should totally consider doing. You can either get to know about travel groups from your peeps or sign up online via pages like Geck & Co adventures, Jumpstart, Couchsurfing. If you can, try traveling alone - it will be a fabulous experience you can ever put yourself through! how to meet new people

3. Get Your Party Hat On

Parties are a great way to meet some interesting people. Great music, good drinks, a chilled out vibe and, of course, interesting people. Never say no to an invitation, whether it's from your neighbours or your colleagues or friends of friends. And once you're there, to attract the right kind of people - folks you are on the same wavelength with - just let your hair down and carry yourself with confidence. Sitting in the corner, and isolating yourself away from the crowd is not going to make people want to come up and talk to you - so, be social! Keep the conversation going, and you’ll do just fine. how to meet new people 4

4. Tune Into Local Events

Art fairs, exhibitions, jazz concerts, design meets, the theatre, even open mic nights at cool pubs - these are great places to run into like-minded folks. how to meet new people 5

5. Hit the Gym

Gyms are great not only for your fitness but also connecting you with people who have similar fitness goals. When you’re not working out, talk to the people around.  For all you know, you might just meet your perfect running partner! how to meet new people

6. Time To Hit The Bar

What could be better than some alcohol to let go of your inhibitions and start talking to people? Ideally, find someone to go with you - else you could even go alone (provided you're careful and cautious about your safety). It's a good idea to find a "theme" bar like a sports bar, a place that has karaoke nights, a place that hosts wine tastings - where other people too will turn up not just to get hammered but also for exactly the same reason as you! You could even frequent a chai bar or a retro-themed cafe. Strike up a conversation over your favourite beverage, whether it has alcohol in it or not!

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7. Make Friends With People at Work or College

No, they don't have to be in the same department for you to be able to talk to them. Spend some time at office breakout zones or your college common room. You're bound to run into at least a few people with whom you share interests. For all you know, you're going to find your new movie-marathon bestie right there. how to meet new people 2 GIFs: giphy, tumblr MUST-READ: Online Dating: What, Who, How? 10 Popular Dating Apps You Must Try Stat! MUST-READ: 11 Things a Single Woman Should Never Be Ashamed Of. No Matter What.  
Published on Mar 18, 2015
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