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11 Super Tricks to Make a Killer Impression at Work

11 Super Tricks to Make a Killer Impression at Work


Found your dream job? Congratulations! Life is never going to be the same again. Now begins the real work and the chance to prove your potential to climb up that ladder really quick. And it's a good idea to try to make the best possible impression on your boss and colleagues right from the start. Here’s how to go about it...

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1. Set the tone right

First impressions count. Like it or not, everyone’s eyes would be (secretly) on you on Day One. Start off on the right foot and set up the perfect self-brand equity. Form a habit of reaching office before time and leaving after your boss has left. This routine will take you places – fast!

2. Introduce yourself

It’s all about YOU. Make eye contact and smile, with genuineness and warmth. Enunciate your words and use the right intonation. A firm handshake too demonstrates assertiveness and confidence.

3. Be diligent

Always carry a pen and notepad for a meeting or briefing, and make sure to be on or before time. Take notes and voluntarily email the minutes to the team before the end of the day. It shows your seriousness, and your boss will notice it for sure.

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4. Dress smart

Even if your office has casual weekdays and dress-down Fridays, be known for your smart dressing. Your clothes and shoes are the first thing people notice. Wear well-fitted clothes that are high on style and comfort. Avoid showing skin and wear (comfy!) heels to boost your confidence further.

5. Keep your desk tidy

A cluttered desk is a sign of disorganized behavior and a careless attitude. Have a desk that exudes positive vibes - and one you’d be proud of!

6. Cultivate a pleasant disposition

Don’t speak about a client or co-worker and most certainly your boss in a belittling way. Even if your peers do it, you must avoid this. Stay away from gossip and never partake in spreading of rumors. Remember, you are way above all that petty nonsense.

7. Stay off social media and the phone

While most offices these days don’t restrict access to Facebook and Twitter, it’s best not to log on those sites during work hours. Don’t remain glued to your phone-screen like an addict either – and certainly no tapping away under the table while you're in a meeting.

how to make a good impression at work

8. Be truthful

Want to take time off for your mum’s birthday or your child’s dance rehearsal? Don’t call in to say you are unwell. Same goes for expense reports; those few extra hundreds won’t take you too far in life.

9. Be confident and resourceful

When asked a question, listen to it carefully and try your best to answer that question. Don’t digress. Keep researching new ideas to help achieve your company’s goals, and you’d be making a good impression. Be smart and figure out the problems in the current system, and be brave enough to bring them to your boss’s attention. Don’t crib, though; instead, suggest ways to fix them. It shows you are paying attention and that you care!

10. Ask for help

Take advantage of being a newbie - if there is something you don’t know for sure, ask instead of assuming. Be nice to your peers, seek advice and stay focused on your ultimate professional and personal goals.

how to make a good impression at work

11. Be yourself

You were hired for a reason, and because your employer was impressed by your personality and potential. Show what you know, but never show off. Treat everyone you meet with dignity and respect, even if they are being difficult. Above all, be optimistic, positive and full of life!

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