Creative wedding ideas for the best Shaadi EVER!

Creative wedding ideas for the best Shaadi EVER!
Having a fabulous wedding reception has been at the back of every girl’s mind. She wants the night to be epic, magical and special. However, do you know what will make the night even more memorable? Your personal touch! Take charge and be creative with wedding ideas. If you want to give your guests something worth remembering, simply ask us! We give you a whole set of wacky-fun wedding ideas to have the cutest wedding EVER!

1. Create Your Own Instagram & Twitter Hashtag

If you’ve always been gaga about social media, you might want give this point a shot! Create a marriage hype on two popular social media platforms - Twitter and Instagram. Mutually, come up with a funky hashtag (eg - #RamWedsLeela) and request your guests to use it in their tweets and image posts on your wedding day.The wedding ideas is fun, and out of the box! To be honest,  you can not open your Insta account without stumbling upon a wedding hashtag - so get on to this pronto! 
cutest wedding

2. Have a Selfie Stick Around!

Nowadays, selfies are not about you anymore, they’re more about having the people around you in the frame. That’s why the selfie stick was invented! This magnificent piece of machinery is the perfect accessory to carry to a wedding, especially to your own - Al though we would suggest you limit usage of the stick and let the guests have fun with it - we assume you will er, be busy getting married. But once in a while, taking your hubby and go on a clicking spree is one of the very fun wedding ideas to go by! cutest wedding

3. Create A DIY Dessert/Booze Bar

Weddings are all about making sure that your guests are happy, ladies - and if there is one thing that can make or break a shaadi - it’s the khana! Setup a DIY bar that allows people to personalize their own drinks and desserts are excellent wedding ideas. Make sure that this bar is loaded with delicious options as elegant wedding decorations.cutest wedding

4. Cute notes

Before your guests enter the wedding hall, keep a book outside, or even create a wish tree - where guests can pin their wishes for the bride and groom. Similar personalized wedding ideas will also do the trick in this case.cutest wedding

5. Surprise!

Life is all about surprises, and an important part as wedding ideas deserves one too! Surprise your man in front of all your guests by singing a song, or performing a dance, or by playing a video that you made of the time you have spent together. This cute act of love is bound to make your hubby blush, and make your guests go “Aww”.cutest wedding

6. Photo Booth it

Fun wedding tips? A photo booth is a great treat for your guests. Have a bunch of marriage related props near a picture booth - think of funny cutouts guests can pose with - again - it’s been done but we still love it. To go all out - get a mini set created - we promise you - the results will be worth. cutest wedding

Images:, Soha Ali Khan on Instagram

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