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How To Get Rid Of Holi Stains From Your Skin and Hair

How To Get Rid Of Holi Stains From Your Skin and Hair
We love this vibrant festival and we've got to admit, frolicking around splashing colours is a complete ball. But all that fun comes with a price - colourful stripes on your body 2 days later. Well, not this year as we give you a few simple tricks to get rid of stubborn Holi stains from your hair and skin. Keep these in mind and have a fabulous and safe Holi.

How To Get Rid Of Holi Stains

A Few Precautions Before You Play:

Before you step out, make sure to take a few preventive steps that will make getting rid of all that colour much easier and stress-free:
  • Switch those shorts for an old pair of pants and a top with long sleeves, basically try and cover your body as much as possible.

  • Apply a generous amount of coconut oil in your hair, braid and tie it up.

  • Slather on baby oil all over your body.

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen before the oil!

  • Carry a cheap pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

  • Apply a nice bright lipstick to protect your lips.

  • Apply nail polish (even clear polish will do) on your nails.

  • Try and play with dry colours as much as possible.

  • If you are smeared with harsh colours, wash it off with water as soon as you can, to prevent staining.

After Playing Holi

For Your Skin

How To Get Rid Of Holi Stains

First stand under the shower for all the colour to wash off with the oil you applied earlier. Make sure not use hot water as it can cause irritation, cold or lukewarm is always a safer bet. A few ways to get rid of stubborn stains from your face and body are:
  • Apply more oil with cotton over the areas with stubborn colour, leave it on for a few minutes and wash.

  • Make a paste by mixing curd and gram flour (besan) and scrub your skin with it.

  • Rub a slice of lemon over the stained areas on your skin, leave it on for 15 minutes and wash.

  • Honey mixed with rose water or papaya is also great for rubbing away any stains and will also leave your skin with a brighter glow. Add some multani mitti to the mix if you have oily skin.

Make sure to use a mild soap and cleanser and make it a point to moisturise your skin thoroughly once you step out of the shower. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to use Lacto Calamine lotion to prevent irritations and breakouts.

For Your Hair

How To Get Rid Of Holi Stains
  • Rinse your hair out for a good 10 minutes with cool water before you grab that shampoo bottle. But before you do lather up your locks, try one of these methods first to help remove all traces of colour and leave your hair moisturized.

  • Apply egg yolk to your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes before washing off. (Playing Holi with eggs may sound pretty disgusting, but it will be a blessing for keeping your locks healthy through the festival)

  • Mix methi powder (fenugreek) with a few tablespoons of curd and apply as a hair pack for 30 minutes.

  • Add a tablespoon of lemon juice to a bowl of curd and apply on your mane for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Use a mild, herbal shampoo. Also, your locks can feel pretty rough and dry after Holi so make sure to take extra care by oiling your hair regularly afterwards and using a deep conditioning mask. We like Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil Masque.

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