Best Bhabhi Ever: How to Get Along with Your Sister-in-Law

Best Bhabhi Ever: How to Get Along with Your Sister-in-Law
Some relationships can be plain difficult to deal, especially if they come with an "in-law" tag. From the loud and boisterous to the silent and sombre ones, sisters-in-law come in all kinds of packages. You don’t have to bend over backwards trying to please your spouse’s sister or his brother's wife, but the least you can do is establish a relationship that’s healthy and cordial. Here’s how to get along with your sister-in-law!

1. Be a Friend

It isn’t all that hard if you try. Go shopping or get a haircut together - do fun things that will strengthen your bond. Attempt to spend quality time and steer things with confidence . However, it is also best to avoid being too intimate so that you don't quickly veer into TMI territory OR form a friendship that is so intense that you might become enemies if you have a falling out.

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2. Buy Her Presents

Everyone loves gifts, and your sister-in-law will surely not be an exception. Get her some thoughtful gifts like a book, or a spa voucher that she would value. Do this as a goodwill gesture and don’t expect anything in return.

3. Compliment Her

Genuinely - find out what she is good at and appreciate it. Also, until you both reach a comfort level, keep criticism at bay, even if it’s an honest opinion that she has asked for.

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4. Respect Her Opinion

Respecting each other helps in improving any relationship. Although you both may have had upbringings that are poles apart, try and understand her point of view. Make the effort (may seem hard at times) to find positive points things about her and help her recognize them too.

5. Be Yourself

Never fake who you are, even if it is to impress others. Do not let anyone take undue advantage of you being calm and quiet. Above all, having high self-esteem will steer your relationship towards a healthy and steady zone.

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6. Establish Boundaries

Never let your sister-in-law interfere in your marital life, no matter how friendly she is with you, or how close she is to your husband. Define limits and both of you must adhere to them in good times and bad.

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7. Do Not Expect Too Much

You may have wished for a super-friendly sister-in-law who would be a fun shopping buddy, and with whom you could share family stories with over coffee or dinner. If that’s not the case, accept the reality - move on.


8. Stay Calm During Altercations

Don’t get along? Happens, that’s okay! Do not play the blame game ever and try and look at your differences pragmatically. This should give you the right way to tackle it. Then, talk it out. Any problem can be sorted with the right way of communication. Deal with it like adults and never ever ask your husband to mediate.

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9. Never Talk Behind Her Back

Even if she is really unpleasant. Gossip easily circulates around the family. Understand that information will get back to her so if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. It’ll only tarnish your image in front of everyone else.

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