#WhatWomenWant: How To Be The Perfect Husband

#WhatWomenWant: How To Be The Perfect Husband
Well, there is no such thing as a perfect husband (or wife for that matter). However, based on our wishful thinking, they should at least give it a shot to get somewhere with the precision business. Heck, it might exist only in Bollywood - we are channelling Vanraj in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam here. Here are seven commandments a perfect husband must follow.  (It’s the perfect post to keep open on your laptop, for your other half to stumble upon)

1. Thou shall be a thorough gentleman

…who leaves aside his arrogance and is always kind - yes the chivalrous kind of kind. The one who lifts his wife’s shopping bags, holds the door for her, and pulls out the chair for her at the dinner table. Every single time. Even if this sounds like something from the 17th century, the man will do it to becoz’ he is just that kind of awesome.

2. Thou shall be loyal and dedicated

Distraction is easy but a true man is the one who remains faithful to the woman with whom he has chosen to spend the rest of his life. There are no exceptions to this rule. Ever.

perfect husband 2

3. Thou shall be supportive and compassionate

So what if the Mrs. is on a diet for the 100th time, or she has a brand new hobby every six months, it’s okay. She needs to travel for work or put in late hours at the office? No problem. A husband should always be supportive.

4. Thou shall cherish her

Everything about her, even the little everyday things. Cook her meals, do the dishes (sometimes), kiss (lots), holds hands and hug (often) and makes sure to compliment her (always).

Perfect husband 4

5. Thou shall be sensitive

The perfect husband understands that there are times she is down or plain PMSing and therefore just lets things be.

6. Thou shall show respect

Doesn’t matter if the wife is over-or-under-qualified, immaterial of the fact that she can’t cook like his mom, he respects her for who she is and is never harsh to her in public or private.

Perfect husband 6

7. Thou shall keep her happy

In bed and out of it too. It is important to understands that sexual intimacy is one of the most essential things in any marriage. It helps to strengthen the emotional and physical bond.

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