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Tricks of the Trade: How to be Self-Confident By Farzana Baduel

Tricks of the Trade: How to be Self-Confident By Farzana Baduel
PR is an industry in which confidence is key but being self-assured isn’t always simple. And confidence is something you need on a daily basis no matter which job you are in. In fact, sometimes the most difficult thing is to stand tall and exude confidence when you don’t feel the part. One thing I have learnt over the years is that the more you act confident, the more you feel confident and in time this helps you become self-confident. So, here are some of my useful ways to boost confidence.

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Stand Tall

It might not sound like the most impressive piece of advice but improving your posture – shoulders back, standing up straight and holding your chin high – is one of the most simple and effective ways of boosting confidence. Meeting as many clients as I do and on a regular basis, this is one of the most crucial points for me, maintaining eye contact and holding my head high keeps me looking and feeling confident.

Dress Smart

Confidence is all about making yourself feel confident. Making sure your appearance is neat and tidy will in turn make you feel more together and give you the room to exude your confident self without worrying about your appearance, because let’s face it – that’s part of being a modern woman. The way you dress transmits a message about who you are. I know that when I am impeccably turned out, from the bag on my arm to the paint on my nails, I always feel confident in my movements and speech.

Think Positive

I always try to focus on my positive achievements and attributes and try to build on them rather than dwelling on any negative feedback. If you take on board all the positivity that comes your way it will help you maintain a good attitude when you go into new projects, rather than holding onto any negative baggage. By doing this I often find that when I meet new clients or pitch new projects, I always manage to exude calm, confident control.

Be Prepared

If there is a particular occasion you need to feel confident for, like a big meeting or an interview, one of the most important things is preparation. If you feel fully prepared and aware of the situation you are in, you will also feel more calm and confident about yourself. I try to make sure that I am completely prepared before any meeting – even parents’ evenings!

Believe in Yourself

There are often other people who will have your back but the most important person you need to cheer you on is… you. There is nothing wrong with questioning your choices and decisions but always remember that you are the one making a decision for a reason. You have to believe in your own ability and your own intelligence. I always ask other people’s opinions but I try to never forget that I run my business for a reason and I have to trust and believe in myself.

There is no easy-fix way to being confident, it has taken me some time to find my own strategies for self-assurance but I find that by maintaining all these things, I always feel confident.

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