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#Feminism101: Why Calling Yourself a Feminist Is OKAY!

#Feminism101: Why Calling Yourself a Feminist Is OKAY!
We need feminism in India. In an incredibly disturbing interview with the BBC, one of the rapists in the Delhi 2012 case has bluntly said that “women are the reason rapes happen” and that “women shouldn’t fight rape”. It’s terrifying to even think that this is a sentiment that a lot of men (and even women!) in our country identify with. It’s about time we made our country safe for our women, which is why it is more important now than ever to be educated about Feminism, and teach our boys to respect girls as their equals from the grass-root level.

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Feminism has been getting a bad rep these days - to the point where people have started to distance themselves from the very word! Here’s our primer on feminism, and why it’s about time you called yourself a feminist!

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1. Feminism isn’t about establishing women as a “superior” sex.

It’s about establishing women as an equal sex – Women have been oppressed for centuries now, to the point where we’re actually labeled the “weaker sex”! Isn’t it time that we came forward and settled the scorecard?

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2. Feminism is about recognizing the inequalities in our society.

Calling yourself a feminist doesn’t mean going out to protests and burning your bras, because feminism isn’t about that. Feminism, is about recognizing the fact that women aren’t being treated the same way as men, and trying to fix it.

3. Feminists aren’t trying to make women control society.

Feminism is about making society see that women deserve equal opportunities.

4. Feminism is about ensuring that women are given the same choices in life that men are.

Women deserve the right to study, work, marry and live however they choose to. That’s what feminism tries to achieve.

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5. Feminism is about changing mindsets!

Why is it that when a man drinks/smokes, no one says anything, but when a girl does, people get judgmental? A man’s sexual history is seen as a list of his “conquests” but if a woman is sexually aware, she’s called a whore. We need feminism to change this mindset.

6. Our workplaces need feminism.

Although most corporates have a “no discrimination” hiring policy, many companies resist from hiring women in middle to senior level management positions and even when they do, they’re paid less than their male counterparts. Patricia Arquette campaigned for wage equality in her Oscar acceptance speech a few days ago, and let’s just say that Meryl Streep & Jennifer Lopez echoed our sentiments very accurately.

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7. Feminism is for men as much as it is for women.

Men, we need you to be feminists now more than ever. Feminism isn’t only for women – it’s for your mom, your sister, your girl friends, your girlfriend or wife. It’s for everyone who’s important to you. Stop shying away from the conversation, and join the movement!

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