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#DIY: 5 Fab Hairstyles To Rock Medium Length Hair

#DIY: 5 Fab Hairstyles To Rock Medium Length Hair

Just because your hair isn’t short or long, but somewhere in between doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Plenty of celebs have been trading in their longer locks for shoulder-length dos off late for some refreshing style. We give you some simple hairstyles for medium hair to channel some fabulousness while you wait for your mane to grow out.

1. The Waterfall Headband

This easy hairstyle for medium hair is just what you need while growing out your bangs and keeping them off your face in style. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it looks, all you need to know is how to make a simple 3-section plait.
Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Step 1: Create a very deep side parting. Then take a small section of hair next to your parting and begin braiding down. Secure with a thin elastic once you reach the ends.  Step 2: Take the first stitch of your braid (the one closest to your parting) and using your index finger and thumb, create a small gap. Then take a section of hair from your front hairline, pull it back and loop it through the hole you created.  Step 3: Continue down the braid, looping sections of your bangs through each stitch, till you reach the end of your eyebrow or till you’ve used up your entire fringe.  Step 4: Tuck the end of your plait below your hair and secure with a bobby pin. Let the rest of your hair fall over it. Image:

2. Waves With A Twist

This is such a simple hairstyle for girls with medium hair. Plus it’s super achievable for a bedhead look. Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Step 1: Add some volumizing spray to your roots. We love B Blunt Blown Away Volumizing Spray Step 2: Next, spritz on a sea salt spray like Toni and Guy Sea Salt Texturizing Spray and scrunch for those gorgeous messy waves.  Step 3: Twist a section of hair from the front to the back and pin it with a bobby pin placed vertically. Image:

3. The Twisted Chignon

This elegant hairstyle for medium hair just takes a few minutes to perfect and is great for a formal dinner or important meeting. Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Step 1: On dry hair, create a centre part. Take equal sections of hair in the front on either side and twist them round down to the ends.  Step 2: Take the twisted section on one side, wrap it across the back of your head to the other side and pin it down. Repeat the same on the other side.  Step 3: Gather the rest of your hair and secure an elastic about an inch or two above the ends so it becomes easier to maneuver.  Step 4: Grab the end of the ponytail you just created, bring it up and loop it through your twisted headband. Pin the ends to the nape of your neck and voila, you’ve just created a sophisticated chignon.

4. The Knotted Half-Up Style

Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair This is the simplest DIY hairstyle for medium hair ever and is a super quick way to add an interesting twist to a regular half-up hairstyle, or to just get your hair off your face in style. Plus it looks great on straight, wavy or curly hair.  Step 1: Start by taking a section in front of your ear on either side. Twist both the sections and bring them to the back.  Step 2: When they meet in the centre, tie them together to make a knot (like you would with a shoelace).  Step 3: Tie a second knot and pin it down discreetly with a bobby pin. Loosen a few tendrils in the front for a soft, romantic look.

5. The Quick Twist

Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair This is another incredibly simple hairstyle for medium hair that is so fuss-free but brings plenty of chic to anything you wear.  Step 1: Split the back of your hair into 2 sections.  Step 2: Take one side and twist it across the nape of your neck. Secure it with a pin on the opposite side at the back of your head. Let the ends hang loose on this side now.  Step 3: Take all your hair on this side, twist it and wrap it across the nape of your head, over the first twist. Secure with a pin. Add a pretty hair accessory if you want.  Image: MUST-READ: Do It At Home: 5 Celeb Hairstyles We Are Crushing On MUST-READ: #TressTrouble: Why Your Hair Is Not Doing What You Want It To
Published on Mar 5, 2015
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