#Embarrassing: How to Deal with Hair in Weird Places

#Embarrassing: How to Deal with Hair in Weird Places
Ladies, don’t be embarrassed if you have fuzz growing in unexpected places - it’s way more common than you thought. We know that body hair always been considered a male characteristic, but we’re way past those silly gender stereotypes, aren’t we? We tell you some of the weird places where lots of girls have unwanted hair and the best way to get rid of it.


How To Deal With Hair In The Weirdest Places

Everyone has hair on their face - so stop stressing. Excess hair on the sides of your face or whiskers along your jawline or chin can be attributed to anything from genes to hormonal imbalances caused by conditions like PCOD.

Banish It: Threading is the quickest and easiest way to deal with facial hair. Also, tweezing and electrolysis are also options to try and work on any hair colour and skin tone. A more permanent solution is laser hair removal. We wouldn’t suggest waxing as it can cause breakouts and irritation on your face. Also, yanking off those waxing strips can eventually cause sagging skin.

Shoulders and Back

There’s no need to be embarrassed about hair on top of your shoulders or on your lower back, this can be traced back to our prehistoric ancestors.

Banish It: Waxing can help deal with hair that is either light or thick. And don’t worry salons have loads of clients who wax their backs. Bleaching is a simple process you can do at home or at a parlour if you’re fine with not removing the hair but simply changing it’s colour to blend into your skin. Go for laser if your hair is thick enough (and you can afford the hefty bill).


How To Deal With Hair In The Weirdest Places

Hair on the belly is a common problem and can cause plenty of distress, especially come swimsuit or shaadi season. Whether it’s a few strands or a thick, happy trail, it's easy how to get rid of your tummy hair.

Banish It: A lot of girls shave their belly area, which is quick and easy, but it only lasts a day or two. Plus, it could lead to itchiness when the hair grows back as well as ingrown hairs. Hair removal creams are convenient to use at home to get rid of hair, but again the effects only last for a few days. Bleaching can help if the hair isn’t very thick. Waxing is a good idea for a smooth, hair-free tummy for a few weeks to flaunt with cute crop tops. If your hair is thick enough then laser is also a great option.


Of course, we don’t mean full-blown chest hair (thank god!), but a few strands on your breasts or hair around your nipples is anything but uncommon and isn’t linked to any major health concerns.

Banish It: Refrain from waxing or shaving on your breasts or around your nipples as the area is extremely sensitive. Instead, plucking the hair straight out or cutting it with a pair of nail scissors is a safer alternative. Electrolysis and laser are also safer ways of dealing with hair in the area.


How To Deal With Hair In The Weirdest Places

No, regular people aren’t hairless as certain films would have you believe, and it’s perfectly normal to have hair there.

Banish It: Ask your waxer to cater to it when you go in for your bikini wax (don’t worry they’re used to it). In fact, a proper Brazilian wax includes the removal of hair from the entire pubic region, including your bum fuzz.

Knuckles and Feet

Hair growing on your knuckles or on top of your feet can be chalked up to genetics and may tempt you into shaving the area, but please don’t.

Banish It: Just get them waxed when you go in for your monthly appointment. Otherwise electrolysis can help as it removes hair from the follicle. Similarly, laser can also help - expensive but worth it!

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