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Ex-Files: What Goes Through Your Mind When You Bump Into Him

Ex-Files: What Goes Through Your Mind When You Bump Into Him
Picture this: you’re out shopping at the mall, wondering if you’ve maxed out your credit card, and if you have enough left over to grab a quick bite. You start walking towards the food court (it’s all you can afford right now), when suddenly, standing right there at the entrance, you see HIM! Here are 12 thoughts that will run through your mind when you bump into your ex! #awkward. 

1. What is he doing here?

I bet he found me through my Facebook check-in or those snaps I posted on Snapchat. bump into your ex

2. Hmm...who is that girl standing next to him?

It would be soooo awkward if he’s here on a date!! bump into your ex

3. Should I pretend to have not seen him or should I go say hi?

OMG, I have to decide quickly before he sees me! bump into your ex

4.Uh oh, he’s seen me!

I wonder what he's thinking. Oh my God! What if he thinks that I've followed him here?! :/ bump into your ex

5. Does my hair look shabby? Does this dress make me look too fat?

I want him to see how great I look and that I’m happier without him. #CantTouchThis bump into your ex

6. Why is he smiling like that!?

Is he also faking it? Has he really moved on? Wait a minute, do I have lipstick on my teeth?! bump into your ex

7. Damnit, I hate to admit it, but he still looks hot.

Okay, definitely stop STARING at him like that! bump into your ex

8. Is he EVER going to introduce me to that(!) girl standing next to him?

The suspense is killing me. Plus, it's rude not to! bump into your ex

9. Okay, that was the VAGUEST intro ever.

He just gave me her name, no relationship status whatsoever. Am I supposed to figure it out? bump into your ex

10. At least I’m better-looking than her…

And I'm pretty sure I'm smarter too! bump into your ex

11. Blah blah blah…

Okay, time to wrap this up. bump into your ex

12. Phew, okay, so it wasn’t all that awkward…

Even though I really felt like telling him how much I miss him. :( bump into your ex Gif Courtesy: giphy.com MUST-READ: #Heartbreak: 7 Steps for Dealing with Your Breakup and Moving On MUST-READ: #MovingOn: How to Be Friends With an Ex