Bye Bye, Boring Hair: 10 Cute Hair Accessories We're Loving

Bye Bye, Boring Hair: 10 Cute Hair Accessories We're Loving
Like any piece of jewellery, hair accessories also contribute towards adding an edge to any outfit. The colour, pattern and design each girl chooses speaks volumes about her style preference. If you’re bored with your hair and are looking to change up your style, here are 10 cute hair accessories you should be buying right now!

1. Heart Print Bow Headwrap

cute hair accessories

It’s cute, it’s trendy and it’s uber stylish. If you want to add a graceful touch to your outfit, this adorable heart printed headwrap is something you need to add to your cart right NOW! Since this hair accessory has a retro vibe to it, you can try pairing it with a funky crop top, a cute midi skirt, a comfy pair of white sneakers, and a leather satchel.

Price: Rs. 239. Buy it here!

2. KITSCH Crown Hair Bun Pin

cute hair accessories

This dainty piece of bling is perfect for wearing to late night parties and dinners. It may look tiny, but if worn with a minimal outfit, it makes for a considerable fashion statement. You can team this flashy piece of accessory with a neutral maxi dress, a sexy pair of stilettos, and a metallic clutch - voila, you’re good to go!

Price: Rs. 1475. Buy it here!

3. Faux Suede Bow Barrette

cute hair accessories

Pretty and pink - that’s what defines this particular hair accessory. It’s so versatile that you can actually wear it with any outfit. A skater skirt, a bodycon tee, a trendy sling bag, a flashy pair of sunnies, and not to forget, this adorable pink bow barrette, will make the cutest outfit EVER!

Price: Rs 179. Buy it here!

4. KOOVS Bunny Ear Scrunchy

cute hair accessories

A scrunchy is a hair accessory every girl must own. It’s perfect for those days when you don’t want to put too much effort into styling your hair. A simple ponytail or a messy bun will work with any outfit. To make the fluffy scrunchy stand out even further, wear a minimal outfit that does not overpower the hair accessory.

Price: Rs 195. Buy it here!

5. Accessorising Golden Metal Flowers Hairband

cute hair accessories

This pretty hair band stands for carefreeness. May it be a gig, a lunch with the girls, or even a picnic - you can wear it any occasion. To bring out the best in this accessory, opt for clothes that are casual and flowy so that it can compliment your look further!

Price: Rs. 250. Buy it here!

6. PIGTAILS AND PONYS Feather Detailed Head Accessory

cute hair accessories

If you really want to make the headpiece the highlight of your outfit, try not to go overboard with the dressing. Keep the style minimal and simple. This dainty chain with delicate pink feathers looks absolutely stunning and has the potential to turn a drab outfit into a fab one.

Price: Rs. 500. Buy it here!

7. Oversized Floral Hair Clip

cute hair accessories

To let your hair to do all the talking, we suggest you give this cute oversized floral hair clip a shot! It’s pretty, elegant and adds a touch of sophistication to one’s outfit. If you want to be the centre of attention at a party, this fancy pin will definitely do the trick.

Price: Rs. 59. Buy it here!

8. YOUSHINE Bow-Knot Hair Band

cute hair accessories

This delicate hair band has a gold metallic finish to it. It not only looks elegant, but also adds a chic element to your outfit. If you want to rock this accessory, wear it with a summery dress and a classy pair of wedges and throw in a few trinkets to make the outfit a lot more vibrant.

Price: Rs. 349. Buy it here!

9. KOOVS Flower Head Chain

cute hair accessories

If you love stone work on your accessories, you will definitely fall in love with the this flower head chain. It’s so catchy that you don’t have to stress much on your outfit. Team this statement accessory with a formal outfit, put on a pointy pair of pumps, and wear a smart blazer over the dress. You’re bound to look sophisticated!

Price: Rs. 895. Buy it here!

10. Crunchy Fashion Star Hair Pin

cute hair accessories

This tiny star shaped hair pin has aww written all over it! If you want to clip your bangs, or fringe up in style, this is the kind of pin you will need! The best part - this pin works on both occasions, casual as well as formals. With this pearl studded pin, be prepared to grab some serious attention!

Price: Rs. 299. Buy it here!

Featured Image: Viral Bhayani

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