#BeautyBasics: How To Do Your Daily Skin Care Routine Right

#BeautyBasics: How To Do Your Daily Skin Care Routine Right


In your bid for beautiful skin you’ve probably splurged a tiny fortune and cluttered up your dresser with countless bottles in varying shapes and sizes, which probably do nothing but leave you and your skin confused and flustered. So why not start with the basics? Forget about all those gazillion products, we tell you the ideal skin care routine you should be following and the only products you need for flawless, healthy skin. With a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle, you’ll be saying hello to the complexion you’ve always wanted.


The All-Essential Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise Routine

No matter what your skin type and how often you need to fight your inner lazy girl, you must follow the cleanse-tone-moisturize routine twice a day like the Holy Grail. Use a mild cleanser to get rid of dirt and grime. Next, take a cotton ball and apply a toner to refresh your skin, get rid of oiliness and minimize pores. Make sure to use one that doesn’t contain alcohol (it can cause dryness and irritation) Top it off by moisturizing to leave your skin hydrated, healthy and soft.  We love Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic Fairness Cream because it’s made from natural ingredients, moisturizes and leaves your skin fair and and complexion clear.

Exfoliate Dullness Away

A gentle exfoliation once a week is a must to get rid of dead skin and leave your skin smoother and brighter. Use a gentle scrub to unclog blocked pores and remove excess oil, dirt and grime. Get creative, search the internet for effective and easy recipes to make your own scrub using what’s available in your kitchen.

Be SPF-Ready Always

We don’t need to tell you twice about the harmful effects of the sun’s rays on our skin. Permanent skin damaging and accelerating the ageing process should be enough to make you slather on generous amounts of sunscreen. Fair and Lovely Advanced  Multi Vitamin SPF Pump Tube is amazing as it has an SPF of 15, is rich in an array of essential vitamins and provides sun protected fairness. Don’t even think about leaving the house without putting it on.


Load Up On Your 8 Hours

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason so make it a point load up on your Zzzs to wake up feeling fresh and beautiful. Your body and your skin go into repair mode when you sleep, which is why all those late nights can show up on your face and health. When you catch up on your shut-eye, your skin renews, repairs and restores itself as new skin cells are formed and replace the old ones. A few early nights will have you waking up feeling more gorgeous than ever.

Sweat It Out

Flopping on the couch in front of the TV is one of our biggest guilty pleasures but a svelte figure and fantastic skin should be motivation enough to get off that butt and work it. Exercising a few times a week keeps you fit and healthy and also does wonders for your complexion. It boosts oxygen and blood flow to your skin as well as makes you sweat, which your body’s natural way of unclogging pores. Working out also helps your skin produce natural oils, which leaves it supple and young. If you’re not exactly a gym rat, yoga, swimming, power walking, pilates and other activities can also keep you looking as fabulous as ever.

D For Diet

Naturally, eating healthy is essential for that inner glow. Fresh fruits and salads, loads of nuts and plenty of fluids are a must for flawless skin. Greasy food will only trigger oil production in your skin and lead to breakouts, so stay clear of junk and throw out anything that’s processed.


Down That Water

No, we will never stop nagging you about drinking plenty of H20. It’s the most obvious skin care tip but how many of you actually drink the prescribed 8 glasses of water daily? We have taken it upon ourselves to constantly remind you down loads of water. It’s the most basic but important step to the clear, dreamy complexion you’ve always wanted.

A Little Extra Care

Your lifestyle and habits make a huge difference to how good your skin looks. Late nights, smoking and alcohol lead to signs of early aging and dullness, so try and kick those bad habits. Also, don’t slack off on taking your makeup off every single night. Be meticulous about being makeup-free and cleansing your face before hitting the sack for healthy, fresh-looking skin at any age.


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