Agam of TrimmingsAndLace Joins The POPxo Blog Network

Agam of TrimmingsAndLace Joins The POPxo Blog Network
Agam is a spirited young blogger based out of Chandigarh. What drew us towards her blog - TrimmingsAndLace - was her idiosyncratic sense of personal style, the fabulous outfits she puts together in her lookbook, and her fresh perspective when it comes to everything fashion-related. As she joins the POPxo Blog Network this month, we asked her a few questions to get started. Read on...

Agam 1

What sparked your interest in fashion/beauty/street style?

It may sound very clichéd, but I’ve been in love with fashion for as long as I can remember. Pre-deciding outfits (irrespective of the occasion), building potential outfits, getting outfit visuals when I am in the middle of something else or before I sleep, to holding on to memories of life events based on what I wore, is me. It perhaps also has to do with the fact that my mother paid extra attention when it came to dressing my sister and me as kids. Fashion for me is an extremely powerful and liberating tool that shows the world who you are and who you would like to be.

What is your first fashion / beauty memory?

My first fashion memory perhaps is of a three-year-old me dressed in a magenta "frock". My father got it from Singapore. I remember wearing it because my parents were taking us out for this annual rose festival that takes place in Chandigarh.

What is your personal style statement?

My personal style depends on my mood and frame of mind. Someday I like to revisit the ’50s and ’60s and dress up all lady-like - complete with pearls, big eyes and red lips. Somedays I embrace the contemporary and enjoy experimenting. I also enjoy channeling the early ’90s - it was a time when more and more “western” influences seeped in via TV sitcoms, books and travel. However, I can never categorize myself as the “basic jeans and T-shirt” girl. I always try and add that one element to my look that fits the bill of being called “dressy”.

What made you take up blogging?

I graduated from an all girls college - a fact that contributed significantly towards evolving my personal style. Later while pursuing my MBA, I just couldn't get my self to dress "appropriate" for business school, getting into the whole shirts and trousers routine. That’s when I started experimenting a lot with formal and semi-formal dressing, which mostly fetched not-so-positive comments. But knowing that I was known (and talked about) for my dressing, I felt rather confident about it. It was in my final year that I opened my closet for the world to see and called it TrimmingsAndLace.

What would you like to tell all aspiring bloggers?

Well, first and foremost, always consider your blog as a learning curve. Professionally and personally, it teaches you a lot. Take blogging seriously as it demands time, effort and hard work. Be yourself and stick to your style. Learn to take criticism constructively, and believe in healthy competition. There is enough room for everyone to survive!

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The POPxo Quiz

1. One beauty product you swear by:

The POREfessional by Benefit Cosmetics.

2. An outfit you could live in for the rest of your life:

The quintessential track pants/joggers/pajamas.

3. Your biggest guilty pleasure:

Excess sleep, tea, hot showers. In that order!

4. The one trend/style you would NEVER wear:

Galaxy, skeleton and muscle print leggings.

5. Success is?

Not a destination. The happiness you receive from little achievements, and contentment in failures defines success for me.

6. Fame or Money?

Massive fame.

7. You look up to?

Family, especially my elder sister.

8. The ONE thing no one knows about you?

That I wear powered contact lenses.

9. What is your biggest strength?

My beliefs in humility and modesty.

10. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you like to be?

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

One last question: How does it feel to be part of the POPxo Blog Network?

I am thrilled and all excited to be a part of the POPxo Blog Network. To be part of a fabulous network is inspiring and motivating in more ways than one. Also, to share a platform with fellow bloggers, with a chance to interact with them and follow their work closely, will be a great learning experience. Can’t wait for the journey to begin!

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