SO Romantic! 7 Adorable Marriage Proposals That Had Us Go AWW

SO Romantic! 7 Adorable Marriage Proposals That Had Us Go AWW
Here’s a little secret: one of the best things about any marriage is the proposal – it sets the tone of togetherness for a lifetime, after all. We went out and convinced seven women to share how their men swept them off their feet - or was it the other way round?!

1. Bar Bar Dekho

Drunk on beer, sitting at the bar on a stool, and eating pizza, I blurted out a proposal to my boyfriend. He looked shocked, then he said yes.

- 28, Bangalore, Media Professional

2. Yes, No, Maybe...

He proposed, I said no. I thought hard about it for two days, changed my mind, and on his birthday, I sent him a cake and a ring.

- 29, Mumbai, Marketing Professional

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3. Fairy Tale…Aww!

One evening at Marine Drive he said, “It’s been six months of seeing each other, what do you want to do with our relationship?” I said I wanted it to last forever. “That’s possible,” he replied. “Even I can’t dream of my life without you.”

- 32, Bangalore, TV Journalist

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4. What Happens in Vegas…

It was love at first sight for him at our company sales conference in Las Vegas. And while there was a lot of back and forth and yes (from him) and no (from me), on a road trip to Kashmir, he jumped in front of me, got down on his knees and said, “I am asking the most beautiful woman on earth to marry me in the most beautiful place on earth.” The answer was, obviously, “Yessss!!!”

- 36, Noida, National Training Lead

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5. Father of the Bride

When he met my dad, he said, "I am 30, and your daughter made me feel it is time for me to settle down." Even though he didn’t say anything like ‘I love her very much and can’t live without her, etc.”, it was the most perfect proposal of marriage he made - to a man whose daughter meant the world to him.

- 32, Mumbai, Senior PR Professional

6. Pet Love

I always wanted to bring home a pug, and he can’t handle pets. But then one day, he adopted a 10-day old puppy, put him in a basket and kept a small “will you marry me?” card in it, with the word “Now” before “will you…” How could I say no?!

- 26, Mumbai, PR Executive

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7. Booked!

Exactly two months after we met, he gave me Cecelia Ahern’s P.S.: I Love You. As I opened the package and looked at the book cover, I sighed: “Wish someone would say that to me!” He smiled: “I’ll do it.”

- 30, Mumbai, Media Professional

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