you fall in love easily

You Know You Fall in Love Way Too Easily When...

Anasuya Ray Chaudhuri

Guest Contributor

Are you baffled by people who are wary of commitment? Do you find it difficult to understand people who don’t believe in love? Have you always found it easy to love your partner? Do you suspect that maybe - just maybe - you fall in love too easily? Well, the answer to that last question is probably yes if...

1. You don’t really have a “type”. Tall, short, older, younger - you’ve loved them all.

2. He doesn’t have to be nice to you; it’s enough for you that he is a nice human being.

you know you fall in love easily when 1

3. You give a little bit of your heart to every boy who ever makes you smile - a genuine, warmth-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach smile.

4. You’ve never been in a friends-with-benefits situation that has ended without you getting emotionally involved with your “friend”.

you know you fall in love easily when 2

5. In fact, even if you’re totally cool with casual sex, you haven’t actually got into bed with anyone without caring about them at least a little bit.

6. Actually, you sometimes wonder if you have had more heartbreaks than relationships.

you know you fall in love easily when 3

7. You’re always the first person in the relationship to profess your feelings.

8. But sometimes you don’t say it out loud because you worry that it might be too soon and freak your partner out.

you know you fall in love easily when 4

9. You might spend long periods of time being single, but you’re rarely ever not in love with someone.

10. Even if you and your partner are not officially “exclusive”, you’re pretty committed to him.

you know you fall in love easily when 5

11. A day without love is a day without sunshine. You’re happier in love than out of it.

12. The biggest compliment anyone can pay you is to say “I love you” - and mean it.

you know you fall in love easily when 6

Well, girl, if you’re in love right now, we hope it works out for you. And if you’re not, guard that heart of yours a little, and be just a wee bit cautious before you fall again, yes? You’re amazing, and we don’t want to see you getting hurt!

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Published on Feb 06, 2015
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