You Know You Are Marrying a Punjabi When...

You Know You Are Marrying a Punjabi When...
Marrying into a Punjabi family can be quite a culture shock! We are loud, brash, unruly, mostly drunk, and perpetually happy! But then we are also extremely loving and caring, and that’s why Punjabi families are the best in the world! Here are 15 signs you are marrying a Punjabi...

1. So many relatives!

When your head starts spinning at the thought of all the Chachi-jis and Masi-jis whose names you’ll now have to remember.

2. Are they all alcoholics?

When every person in the room has a drink in his/her hand!

3. Decibel levels are off the charts!

When you literally have to scream things out because otherwise no one will hear you given how loudly everyone talks.

marring into a Punjabi family

4. When Canada is Kanneda and America and Amreeka.

Much like saada Bhatinda, Patiala and Ambala!

5. Gluttony!

When everyone is constantly trying to feed you more ghee laden parathas and lassi!

marring into a Punjabi family

6. National Bird: Chicken

When everyone’s favourite food is Butter Chicken te naan!

7. Saag to the rescue!

When vegetarian favourites include sarson da saag te makke di roti!

8. Party all night!

When family members just need an excuse to throw a party and celebrate something.

marring into a Punjabi family

9. “Behn****!”

When you hear swear words in each and every sentence uttered!

marring into a Punjabi family

10. Colour bomb!

When your life goes from light pastel shades to bright fluorescents and fuschia!

11. When you mother-in-law to be is completely muh-fatt...

...and sometimes comes across as rude but is actually just super honest in life.

marring into a Punjabi family

12. Everyone looks like they could be in a Fair & Lovely advertisement...

When all girls in the family are really, really pretty!

marring into a Punjabi family

13. When your man is bindaas and suave in equal measure!

He knows how to enjoy but also manages to stay stylish.

marring into a Punjabi family

14. Loveliest people ever!

When you realize you’ve never met more generous, fun-loving and caring people in your life!

15. All About Love

When your new family accepts you wholeheartedly and celebrates your entry into the family as a daughter and not a daughter-in-law :)

marrying into a punjabi family
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