Saat Samundar Paar: You Know You Are 100% NRI When...

Saat Samundar Paar: You Know You Are 100% NRI When...
The NRI is a character of many hues - cross-continental lives are tough to battle, you see. A dash of Punjabis in Canada, a generous helping of Gujratis in the UK, and you have got yourself going into the perfect making of a rather amusing chutney. Dear NRI bandhu, here’s a list you will definitely see yourself in. You know you are a 100 % NRI when you agree with some/every point below!

1. Advanced and The Dis-advanced

Everything is “more advanced”, “better” or “easier” in your home away from home. On an annual vacation to India, the true NRI complains about the electricity, the water problem, the corruption in India and the education system. “We don’t have such problems in the US of A!” (Read on, the true-blue NRI has some endearing qualities as well)


2. Money-wise

If Haldiram’s mixture is priced at $22 in Mississauga, the NRI will promptly keep it back on the shelf. Because, who pays Rs 1,320 for mixture??! No way!

3. Jugaad

We’ll stock up on Haldiram when we go to India next time. And Haldi powder and Lal Mirch powder and Everest Chicken Tandoori Masala…


4. Saare Jahan Se Achcha

Fellow countrymen and women share a bond that cannot be replaced by firang gora friends. Pakistani and Bangladeshi friends do come close. But nothing like meeting a fellow Hyderabadi at WalMart!

5. The Pride Network

We’re extremely proud of our growing numbers in USA, Canada, UK (yeh goron ne hum par raaj kiya, ab hum inpe karenge!) and the Middle East (way to go Malayalis!)


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6. The Check-list Addiction

Trips back to India are always carefully scheduled. We have an itinerary. We have relatives asking us to come visit them first. After we land, we will visit Meena Maasi, then Kamal Chacha, then visit to the temple, then attend Bittu’s shaadi and then…

7. Darned Motherland

Nothing goes as per plan. Just because this is India.

8. Germ Attack

Or because you fall sick, catch the flu or malaria or dengue. We also have on our itinerary a long list of food items to “revisit” - the paani puri near J.C College, the dosa at Dosa Camp and (oh man!) the tandoori kebabs at Imperial, the roadside gola. Which takes us back to point 7?

9. Ghar Ka Khana

No matter how much we love our KFCs and McDonald’s, we’re always hungry for daal chawal and masala fish.


10. National Integration

Nothing makes us more proud than being apprised of an Indian’s accomplishment abroad. Kalpana Chawla? Woot-woot.

11.  Repeat - “Every Indian Is My Brother or Sister!”

A gora asks you about a famous Indian and your chest swells up just a little bit because you belong to the same nation. Yes, yes, Shahrukh Khan and I are related!

12. Old Habits Die Hard?

We hold on to our culture and upbringing a little more tightly than our counterparts in India. We still squirm a little at the thought of a live-in relationship.

NRI 12

13. Homeward Bound

We’re always thinking about or talking about settling back home.

14. The NRI in Desi Land

But when we visit India, we realize we cannot match the pace of life in India and it has changed much from when we left.

NRI 14

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