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10 Reasons Why Christian Grey Turns (Almost) Every Woman On

10 Reasons Why Christian Grey Turns (Almost) Every Woman On
Sigh… That’s how all stories about Christian Grey must begin, right? Well, he is not without his faults - he is into all kinds of “kinky fuckery”, as E.L. James puts it. And, let’s face it, the writing in the book is not really top-drawer. But who are we to judge? Millions and millions of women (and some men, we assume) have validated the book - and Mr Grey himself. Here’s our breakdown of why Christian Grey turns women on... why christian grey turns women on 0

1. He is a billionaire

Let’s not be shallow. But it does help, right? Private planes and helicopters (he flies it himself - totally hot!), multiple homes and chalets in Aspen... C’mon, ladies if we are fantasizing about a make-believe man, he might as well be rolling in piles and piles of cash. And he is a philanthropist too!

2. He is self-made

This is no daddy’s darling, but a bona fide genius who acquired his billionaire status by himself. why christian grey turns women on 1

3. He is HOT

He keeps in shape, has abs to die for and is stunning.

4. He has a dark past - the ultimate brooding hero!

Grey’s past is way darker than we’d like - but it gives him an aura of mystery - and it (rather conveniently) explains away his dark, dark desires. And the best thing is that he knows he has problems and seeks counselling for his issues AND ultimately overcomes them. why christian grey turns women on 4

5. He is not afraid of falling in love

If Grey’s obsession with Anastasia Steele is anything to go by, he is definitely not shy of the L-word. He loves her and is not afraid to show it. Sometimes he does in in rather scary ways - but what to do, a man can’t be perfect, right?

6. He is insatiable in bed

His role as the masterful lover is what the book is all about. He’s into BDSM and bondage and all kinds of deviance - but if there is one message the book sends out loud and clear, it’s that he likes sex and is able to go on and on (often for very unrealistic periods of time - but then, hey, it is fiction!). why christian grey turns women on 6

7. He is supremely competent - and confident

Wishy-washy men are such a turn-off! This is one charge that can never be levelled against Christian. He knows what he wants and exactly HOW to get it.

8. He needs you and openly shows that he cares

We are tired of men who act like they do not really need us. Not Mr Grey - his day begins and ends with Ana, and we love him for it. why christian grey turns women on 8

9. He has a sense of humour

It might be dark and a tad over-possessive at times - but he does make Ana smile. We like men who make us happy, simply by sending a well-worded email or text.

10. He is a one-woman man  

A billionaire who does not sleep around - such a rarity! It does happen, we guess - even if only in fiction... why christian grey turns women on 10 GIFs: tumblr, rebloggy MUST-READ: 7 Sex Tips from Fifty Shades of Grey Everyone Can Follow MUST-READ: Do NOT Do This in Bed. Seriously!