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Your Bestie's Dating a Jerk? Here's What to Do!

Your Bestie's Dating a Jerk? Here's What to Do!
Your bestie will at some point or another end up dating a complete jerk, and when that happens you need to follow certain rules that will save you and your friend a lot of drama, tears and tissue paper :P  Also, it's important to keep your friendship - right? Bestie breakups have been known to happen on boyfriend interventions!

1. Your no. 1 priority is your friend

You cannot just do nothing because it’s the easy way out. You have to figure out a way be honest with her. Do it in a way that does not put her on defensive. Do not make the decision for her - speak to her about the pros and cons of the relationship, let her make the decision. 1 bestie dating a jerk

2. You must always have her back

If the guy is a total moron, chances are he’ll say or do hurtful things to her. At such times you have to be unconditionally supportive and loving.

3. You don’t have to be extra nice to the guy

Love is blind but friendship isn’t. So don’t shy away from calling his shit out when it needs to be! 3 bestie dating a jerk

4.  You need to remind her what a good and healthy relationship is like.

Bring up other happy couples in conversations so that she knows she is in a shitty one.

5. You can never openly disapprove of her boyfriend...

… so tread carefully. You need to strike that right balance between being supportive but also being slightly critical. But ultimately, if she decides to stay with him - tell her you are ok with her decision (even if you are not!) 5 bestie dating a jerk

6. You must point out her dating pattern

If she is someone who dates the wrong kind of guys often, then you have to point this out to her and help her break out of it! Once again, be gentle. Be diplomatic. Nothing is gained by an aggressive stance.

7. You must never, ever gloat

When she eventually comes to her senses and dumps the dude’s sorry ass, you cannot even for a second take credit for having known this was going to happen. This is not the time to say “I told you so!” 7 bestie dating a jerk GIFs courtesy: giphy MUST-READ#BestieAlert: Which Sign Is Your Zodiac Bestie? MUST-READ: How to Be Supportive to Your Gay Bestie