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8 WTF Things Guys Think About Periods

8 WTF Things Guys Think About Periods

Let’s face it. Most guys tend to be completely lost when it comes to periods. They fumble, avoid eye contact and lose no opportunity to change the topic when it comes to period talk. So we thought we’d put together a list of commonly held misconceptions about menstruation by the baffled, mystified and bewildered men in our lives! Here are 8 WTF things guys think about periods!

1. That menstruation has nothing to do with them and therefore they need not know anything about it!

Seriously, guys, your cluelessness is not cool, it’s just sad. Menstruating women are not alien creatures that exist in some parallel/ alternate universe - they’re your friends, sisters, partners, mums, fellow human beings. periods

2. That a woman who is angry or sad or irritable must obviously be PMSing.

We can actually be genuinely angry without being on our period, you know? periods

3. That cramps are really not that painful.

The next guy who says that to a girl needs to be kicked in a place that hurts - and he will know just how painful period cramps can be. periods

4. That if they look at or touch a tampon or a pad, they will never be the same again!

Guys, these are not explosives or dirty rags or contraband drugs. You won’t spontaneously self-combust if you just touch a pad! In fact, the next time your girlfriend needs to replenish her stock, you might even consider offering to go buy them for her. periods

5. That we’ll stain their car seat covers or bed sheets.

Staining is quite rare. And even it happens we usually end up staining our own undies not your precious car seats!  Also if bed sheets do get stained, how does it matter? There IS such a thing as detergent, you know. periods

6. That menstruating women are dirty!

This is a natural process, as normal to the human body as taking a piss or a dump. Seriously, get over yourselves. periods

7. That you can’t have sex while menstruating.

Yes, you can. But it depends on the woman and what day of the period is least awkward/painful and most comfortable for her. periods

8. That period jokes are funny.

They abso-bloody-lutely are not! periods GIFs courtesy: giphy, imgur MUST-READ #BeautyEmergency: How to Control PMS Breakouts  MUST-READYou Know You Should Run to Your Gynaecologist When…
Published on Feb 4, 2015
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