Waiting for D-Day: How to Make Your Engagement Period Special

Waiting for D-Day: How to Make Your Engagement Period Special
Now if you are done showing off your sparkling engagement ring and talking about “how he proposed to me” for the millionth time, take some time off for the two of you. Doesn’t matter if you are engaged for a few days or there are still months to go before your big day, you're going to suffer plenty of stress and anxiety over planning your wedding. But you need to beat that stress and make this waiting phase the best time of your life. Between the “Yes” and “I do”, celebrate love! Here's how to make your engagement period special.

1. Kill The Waiting

The anticipation of the wedding day can be excruciating, we understand. But trust us, you’ll realise that after stressing so much about everything, the biggest day of your life just fly by in a blink. Slow down - subscribe to a wedding magazine, spend time on pinterest looking at photos of pretty shoes, sparkling jewellery and super-heavy lehngas and beautiful wedding cakes. Just don’t turn into a scary bridezilla!

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2. Join a Language Class

Of the many things you can do together, it’ll be cool if you two can learn to speak in a whole new language. Taking classes together and practising your newly acquired linguistic skill will only rekindle your romance.

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3. Get a Photoshoot Done

Wedding and post-wedding can prove to be maniacal times, and yes you’ll have to click a thousand pictures then, but why not hire a professional and get a proper pre-wedding shoot done? Turn into a rockstar or a model for a magazine spread, or shoot a crazy commercial! Try offbeat locations like a farm, or a subway. You’ll definitely cherish these photos more than your wedding ones.

4. Plan Your Honeymoon

Your partner will love (and stay actively involved) this more than the wedding preps. Do the your research well and look up for the non-touristy things you can do together. Make your own romantic itinerary. Remember, in the end, it is about you both.

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5. Go on Dates, Often

Even after your wedding and honeymoon gets over, you’ll be occupied with several social commitments that you’ll barely have time for romantic dates and dinners you have always imagined together. Why not do more of those now?

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6. Throw a Party…

...only for those who matter. Call them over for a fun evening of food, drinks and dancing - no reason required. Want it to be a quiet affair? Cook (or host) a dinner together, followed by a movie marathon.

7. Invest In Each Other

Keep that “you are special” feeling going by doing nice things for each other - anything that can put a smile on your partner’s face.

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8. Keep a Journal…

...of photos, sketches and things you randomly jot down, collect or retain, marking the time you spend together. Months and years later, these will be the gems that will remind you why it’s worth staying together.

9. Write Your Own Vows

Okay, we know this is a Hollywood cliché, but then, why not? After all it’s all about you two and the many said and unsaid promises you make to each other. Craft it in a fun, interesting and personal manner.

Engagement period 9

10. Go on a Trip

Try to take short trips - some place close by, a trek, or a music festival – whatever interests you both. This will help strengthen your bond of love and will allow you to spend some quality time before the wedding madness begins.

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