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#BestieAlert: How to Win Her Back If You’ve Had a Big Fight

#BestieAlert: How to Win Her Back If You’ve Had a Big Fight
Not talking to your bestie is as horrible as it sounds. Since the two of you have had a colourful past together, burning bridges could be tougher than ever. However, you can change the fate of your friendship. Mend the bond, we say! Ladies, if you’re having a silent war with your best girlfriend, it’s time to ditch the ego and give her a tight hug. Here are 7 ways to get your bestie back!

1. The No Contact Rule

ways to get your bestie back We get that the two of you just got out of an ugly fight, but instead of rushing into things, maybe you should consider giving each other some space! Temporarily, try cutting off all forms of contact from her. The no contact rule will give the two of you some time to analyse the situation from all perspectives and make you miss each other’s company. Once you’ve given some serious thought into the situation, move on to our next step!

2. Call Me, Maybe?

ways to get your bestie back This takes guts, but it’s way better than sending her a Whatsapp message or a cheesy email. If you love a person, you’ve got to fight for them back! Call her up, fix a date and meet her. Take her out for lunch or surprise her by buying her goodies! Understand that making the first move does not make you look inferior from any perspective. In fact, It shows that you’re the mature person in the relationship, and your bestie will know for a fact that you care loads about her.

3. The Blame Game

ways to get your bestie back When you finally do meet her, DON’T play the blame game. Instead, hear her out. There could be a strong possibility where you’ve been the one to mess things up. Regardless of whoever is at fault, learn to let bygones be bygones. With patience and mutual understanding, anything is possible!

4. It’s All About Adjusting

ways to get your bestie back Once the two of you have resolved your differences and are back on the same page, it’s time to work on that bond. Adjusting is your answer here. Learn from your past mistakes, and try not to repeat them in the future. Remember, adjustments form the crux of any relationship, and that’s what exactly makes it last.

5. Forgive & Let Live

ways to get your bestie back Forgiveness is by far the toughest thing for anyone to do. No matter who played the dirty game or who wounded whose ego. All of these petty things should not come in between a strong bond. Forgive and let live, we say! Once you’ve freed yourself from animosity, you’re ready to give this restored friendship another shot.

6. Communication Is The Key

ways to get your bestie back If you feel something, let it out. Never bottle up your feelings, especially to you bestie. Talk about the things that bother you to them, and mutually find ways to come up with a solution. It’s because people keep these thoughts and feelings inside, many friendships break in the long run. Don’t be an example to this, and nip things in the bud immediately when they blow out of proportion.

7. Patience Is The Mother of Answers

ways to get your bestie back “Good things happen to those who wait” - That quote holds a lot of meaning for a good reason. The more patient you are, the chances of better things happening to you are higher. Let your bestie take her time to come around, and make her move. Don’t rush her, nor rush yourself. Let time take its course. Good luck, ladies! Gif courtesy: Giphy.com Featured Image: bollywoodlife.com MUST-READ: 7 Things You Only Share with Your Best Friend! MUST-READ: 6 Tips To Be the Bestest Best Friend Forever!