Unlucky or Very Lucky? Why Being a Middle Child Is Cool!

Unlucky or Very Lucky? Why Being a Middle Child Is Cool!
Whether it was breaking up a full-blown sibling fight, or being the sensible one when the family went a little overboard with things - you were always there. While you had no say in the order that you were born to your parents, being the middle child might have been the best thing that happened to you ever. So for you our dear friend, here are some perks of being a middle child!

1. You Didn’t Have To Be a Freedom Fighter

middle child

You never had to make any extra effort to sneak out of home. Because who would notice that you were gone?

2. You’ve Had The Best of Both Worlds

middle kid 5

You have reaped all the benefits of having an elder sibling - from advice on boy trouble to borrowing that dress you’ve always liked. You have also reaped all the benefits of having an younger sibling - from blaming them for things to acting like the role-model older sibling!

3. The Mind Gamer

middle child

When it comes to playing mind games, you are the boss. How else would have made things happen, because nothing was ever given to you instantly!

4. The Syndrome Excuse

middle child

When you have an entire syndrome named after you - yes the Middle Child Syndrome - you basically have an excuse for being labelled a certified ass sometimes.

5. The Mediator

middle child

You are probably a master at resolving conflicts and breaking up fights. We mean who else was supposed to, or expected to step in when your elder and younger siblings had a silly tiff?

6. The Independent One

middle child

You are fiercely independent and people admire you for it. This is what happens when you are left to fend for yourself often.

7. You’ve Had To Have Your Own Back

middle kid 7

You are probably the epitome of a self-made person. While your parents fretted too much about your older sibling’s performance at school, or your younger one’s studies  - you were always expected to finish your work on time, and sort your own issues.

8. You Have A Closer Bond With Your Friends

middle child

Your friends were the only people who made you feel special. Whenever the family-affection quotient went down, they made up for it. Sometimes, you even feel that the bond you share with them is closer than the kind you share with your siblings!

9. You Enjoy Staying Alone

middle child

Staying alone brought solace to your state of mind. The thought of you not having to deal with your parents, siblings or even pets felt like bliss!

10. You’ve Always Kicked Ass!

middle child

After leading a childhood where all the high expectations were reserved for your elder sibling and all the cautionary watching-out for your younger one, you have actually made a successful life and career for yourself, thanks for there being no stress to perform. Sane, sorted, and successful - yes, you rock!

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