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Break the Ice: 10 Ways to Start an Interesting Conversation!

Break the Ice: 10 Ways to Start an Interesting Conversation!
Parties and events can be super-fun and exciting, but not always so when you’re attending them alone. Things could get somewhat awkward if you can’t muster up the courage to start a conversation with a bunch of strangers. Remember, ladies, what you talk about has a strong impact on how much you enjoy yourself. To spare you the "what on earth shall we talk about" dilemma, we’ve come up with a list of 10 super-cool conversation starters you can use at a social gathering. Trust us, and give them a shot - you WILL have fun!

1. What do you do for fun?

Everybody has a hobby. Some like to bake, others like to draw - whatever be it, your job is to tap into their space. Find out what interests them, and find a mutual topic of discussion. Even if you don’t connect with their hobby, make the effort to understand it. And who knows, you might learn a thing or two from them. conversation starters

2. OMG! I love what you’re wearing.

Who doesn’t love a good compliment? We all do! When you praise someone, you send out a friendly signal to them. Compliments are a natural conversation starter. Pick something that is aesthetically obvious, stress on it, and say it like you mean it. Get into detailed compliments where you talk about their personality, thoughts, fashion sense, beliefs and so on. The more detailed you are about your compliments, the more brownie points you score from this person! conversation starters

3. What do you think of this track? 

Music is something we all relate to. The best part - everyone is a fan of a different genre. Some like pop and soft rock while others like Bollywood and EDM. You need to hit that nail here. After asking the music conversation starter question, dig deeper. Ask them about their favourite artists, and why do they connect with their work so well. You’ll be amazed to hear what they have to say. conversation starters

4. That’s an interesting name! What does it mean?

This question is like hitting two birds with one stone. It’s a combination of a compliment and a question of interest. The person you ask this to is going to feel like opening up to you. Once they do so, it’s your turn to keep the conversation flowing. conversation starters

5. Tell me a little more about yourself.

Most people like to talk about themselves, and when you ask a person a question like this, they’re on cloud nine. To them, your question indicates interest about their personal life, patience to hear them out, and the curiosity to know more about them. The more interest you show, the better. Depending on how they react and answer that question, you can take it forward from there. conversation starters

6. Have we met before?

This question might sound cheesy, but it always works! Take command of the conversation and juggle between topics. The idea is to keep the person you’re talking to in focus at all times, because no one wants to hear you bragging about yourself for the entire conversation. Keep it minimal, keep it friendly. conversation starters

7. Have you tried the food yet? What’s good here?

People love to help, and if they themselves are foodies, even better. Start talking about favourite eateries, cuisines, and you're all ready to roll! conversation starters

8. You have a pretty cool phone there, which one is it?

The kind of cell phone you own can reveal a lot about your personality, and people these days prefer to let their phone do the talking.  Ask someone about their phone and they’re more than happy to fill in the deets. If the conversation proves a success, don’t hesitate to ask for their number - they’ll gladly give it to you! conversation starters

9. Who are you supporting in the IPL?

Ask them about their favourite cricket players, team, and strategy, and you will be in for a treat. If you’re not a cricket person, just tell them! A true cricket fan will be glad to take you through the game, and explain the game rules to you in detail. A similar question about any current affairs topic will work too. You can choose politics, Bollywood, celeb gossip - whatever floats your boat. conversation starters

10. I heard so many good things about you! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

This statement is a perfect way of getting into someone’s comfort zone. These words of kindness cost you nil, but it will help you get to know the person at a deeper level. You don’t always have to make it about the other person, try telling them about yourself as well. The more interest and energy you pour into them, they’ll be doing the same for you. conversation starters GIFs: MUST-READ: The 9 Most Awkward Conversations Indian Kids Have with Their Parents MUST-READ: #SexyTime: 10 Things That Totally Get Us in the Mood!