10 Things We Wish We Had Told THAT Ex Who Cheated On Us

10 Things We Wish We Had Told THAT Ex Who Cheated On Us
There’s heartbreak that comes when a relationship ends, and then there’s the heartbreak that comes when a relationship ends because your boyfriend cheated on you. Here are 10 things we wish we had told those jerks who broke our hearts.

1. When he said he made a mistake

“You didn’t make the mistake of cheating on me, I made the mistake of loving you.”

cheating boyfriend 1

2. When he said it wouldn’t happen again

“I might be good-hearted enough to forgive you, but I’m not stupid enough to trust you again.”

3. When said that “it was an accident”

“I totally understand! By the way, I accidentally dropped your PlayStation from the balcony. Oops!”

cheating boyfriend 2

4. When he said he was sorry

“You’re sorry? I’m sorry too - for both you, and her.”

cheating boyfriend 3

5. Even before he said anything…

We wish we’d done what this awesome girl did!

cheating boyfriend 4

6. When he said that he really wanted to get back together

“The only part of me that wants to get back with you is my fist.”

cheating boyfriend 5

7. When he saw you crying and asked you to not be upset

“Oh, but these are happy tears! I’m just so glad that you’re someone else’s problem now.”

8. When he said that she gave him what you couldn’t

“Like, what did she give you exactly? STDs?”

cheating boyfriend 6

9. When he asked you to not take “revenge”

“Oh no, I would never do that because you’ll manage to screw yourself up pretty soon.”

10. When he told you to not confront the girl he’d cheated with

“I would never do that - weren’t these years of being with you punishment enough?”  

cheating boyfriend 7

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