things we wish indian women would start doing

#NameAndShame: 7 Things We Wish Indian Women Would Start Doing

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

We love this amazing video of a bold woman on an Indigo flight, making sure her molester was publicly named and shamed after he tried to touch her through the gap in the seats. She is a real-life superhero and our inspiration for how Indian woman should react when men take unwanted liberties with them. What she’s done is the perfect example of how to deal with sexual harassment in our country. We give you a few things we wish Indian women would start doing - these few steps will go a long way.


1. Speak up

Suffering in silence only gives such creeps the license to keep doing what they want. And it keeps other women from speaking up too because they are embarrassed or think they are alone.

2. Stop blaming yourself, you did NOT ask for it

If a guy misbehaves with you. It’s not your fault in any way - no matter how you are dressed or what time of the day or night it is. You are the victim here and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

3. Take a stand and show your support

If you think something is wrong, make a statement, take a stance. It doesn’t have to happen to you personally - don’t let someone get away with harassing a friend, a family member, even a stranger on the street. If you see a creepy guy sneakily clicking a picture of a girl wearing a short dress, call him out on it. Because, someday, when you need help, hopefully someone will help you out too.

FI - things we wish indian women would start doing

4. Know how to protect yourself

A basic self defence class. Carrying pepper spray/portable taser. Taking precautions is smart behaviour. Download a safety app (like this one). Make sure someone you trust knows where you are and when you are getting home. Keep them and the cops on speed dial.

5. Know your rights

The law is there to help women. It’s not perfect, but it exists. Knowing how you can protect yourself - in the workplace, in public areas - and exactly what to do if there’s a problem is critical. Make sure you know the legal resources available to you.

6. Social media is your new bestie

If you or someone around you is in trouble, take a picture/video, tweet about it, and create social buzz. You will be surprised how many and how quickly people will support your cause and help spread the word around.

7. Just talk...

Sometimes people - especially some of your guy friends - don’t actually understand the problem. It’s not that they’re trying to be insensitive; they genuinely don’t get the problem because they don’t actually experience it. It’s your job to explain to them how disturbing even being ogled by a bunch of guys can be. Talk to them - so that they too can understand the problem, identify situations that need intervention and start helping others in trouble.

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Published on Feb 03, 2015
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