Bachpan Ki Yaadein: Things We Only Got at Our Naani's House

Bachpan Ki Yaadein: Things We Only Got at Our Naani's House
Naani ke ghar jaayenge, ras malai khaayenge! - was a popular chant for every kid during the summer holidays until a few decades ago. And rightly every word of it rang so true - the copious quantities of food and treats, along with all the love and pampering that was showered on us at naani’s house was simply unparalleled. Here are 14 things we only got at our naani’s house!  

1. Ghee Chawal


things we only got at naani's house

2. Paraathe on Demand

This is the reason why we used to put on a lot of weight every time we visited our naani.

3. Photographic Evidence That Our Moms Were Really “Bigde Hue” Too

Old and embarrassing photos of our mothers that we would later use to prove to our moms that they were just as naughty when they were our age - check!

things we only got at naani's house

4. Outdated Technology

VCR tapes and audio cassettes of old films that naani played on her age old TV/ music system that needed to be smacked because it would get stuck often.

things we only got at naani's house

5. Vintage Fashion

Naani’s gorgeous sarees and jewellery from when she was young - we really did want to steal them!

6. Pickles!!!

Naani ke haath ka aam ka achaar was just legendary.

7. The Almighty

Lots of photos of gods, goddesses and several babajis could be found at naani’s house.

8. Moral Values...

... and lectures on how to be a good person.

things we only got at naani's house

9. Mom’s Dark Secrets

Secrets about their childhood our mothers had managed to keep hidden for decades before naani decided to spill them for us kids!

10. Lots of Singing and Dancing!

Because if there was anything grandmas like to do, it was to sing Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar oldies!

things we only got at naani's house

11. A No-Internet Zone

Now, of course, pretty much every naani is on WhatsApp and Facebook.

things we only got at naani's house

12. Kahaaniyaan!

Can you imagine going to naani’s house and her not telling you amazing stories about her own childhood? (If you are from North India, Indian independence and Partition stories were probably a staple.)

13. All Cousins Together in One Place

What would our summer holidays have been like without every single cousin descending on naani's house to stay for months, we wonder! Remember all the cricket, chhupan chhupai, antakshari and pranks we played with them?

14. Loads and Loads of Love!

'Cause no one can give you unconditional love like your naani can!

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