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10 Things Your Man Secretly Loves Hearing from You

10 Things Your Man Secretly Loves Hearing from You

Whoever said that only women love being complimented - they were wrong! Men are equally (often more) greedy for attention and praise. So earn your brownie points and indulge in some verbal pampering that will bolster his confidence and make him feel special. Here are 10 things your man secretly loves hearing from you!

1. You look handsome…

... or awesome, or delicious. He is your choice, so keep reminding him how good it is. Nothing compares to the feeling for a man to be told that he looks good. On a special date, appreciate the effort he put into his appearance and that should keep him smiling for the rest of the evening. things men love hearing 1

2. I’m proud of you

Most men put a lot into their goals. They see success differently. Acknowledge his accomplishments at his office or a personal achievement - it is extremely reassuring and of course it will make him feel super-contented. things men love hearing 2

3. I can see the difference

Whether it’s a new workout-regime to keep in shape (and impress you) or it is about quitting a bad habit, you know it well that staying motivated is not easy. Appreciate his efforts and let him know that what he is doing is certainly showing results (no matter how small). That should keep him going. things men love hearing 3

4. I want you

in bed…and outside it too. Men love the feeling of being wooed and wanted. Tell him this as often as you can and watch the love get reciprocated, in bed and outside it too... things men love hearing 4

5. I trust you

This one should come from the heart. The problem is…if he does not feel trusted, he will constantly feel insecure and that is no sign of a healthy relationship. Show faith in him and watch the change in perspectives for both of you. things men love hearing 5

6. I respect you

Men value being respected by their friends and family and most certainly by you. Foster an atmosphere of mutual admiration and make sure that you show each other respect in public and private too. things men love hearing 6

7. I love how you make me feel…

It is gratifying for a man to know that he can satisfy his lady. Tell him this and see how it will keep him eager to make you feel that way again. things men love hearing 7

8. You make me happy

If just the thought of him and all the nice things he does for you can make you smile on a rough day, tell him so. He’ll do whatever it takes to continue to make you happy. things men love hearing 8

9. Thank you

Pleasantries apart, we all love magic words that are super pleasant to the ears. Keep them coming for your man, baby! things men love hearing 9

10. You’re my rockstar

One tiny phrase, and it compiles everything you feel for him. Say it often. things men love hearing 10 GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr MUST-READ: 7 Things to Do This Week to Make Your Partner Feel Loved MUST-READ: Ek Duje Ke Liye: Signs You Are In an Amazing Relationship!
Published on Feb 23, 2015
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