23 Things We Wish Men Wouldn't Assume About Us!

23 Things We Wish Men Wouldn't Assume About Us!
Ladies, no matter how amazingly the men in our lives treat us, there are some general assumptions about women that guys make that drive us completely nuts. And, guys, if you’ve ever wondered what really goes through a woman’s mind, we hope to give you a fair idea. Read this for a few lessons on understanding a woman better, and treating her right.

1. That we are "easy" just because we wear short skirts or red lipstick.

Or are “asking for it”.

Things Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

2. That our “purity” and cooking skills make us good girlfriends/ wives.

A caring heart does!

3.  That PMS is responsible for us being upset, emotional, sensitive or in a bad mood.

Like you, we’re allowed to have bad days too.

4. That chivalry is unnecessary.

Offering to pay, holding doors for us, walking us home – we’re not saying always, but being a bit old-fashioned sometimes will definitely score you some points.

Things Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

5.  That it's okay if you don't actually listen to us.

Yes, we like to talk and when you actually pay attention and remember the random things we say, it makes us feel special.

6. That we’re not good listeners.

Just ‘coz we love it when you listen while we ramble doesn’t mean we can’t return the favour. We’re always here for when you need to vent or need advice.

7. That if we’re not girly-girls, we don't love romance.

Flower, chocolates, little surprises – we’re suckers for it all.

Things Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

8. That we don't like sex as much as them.

We do. And that doesn’t make us sluts, just like you.

9. That it's okay to judge us because our bodies aren’t perfect or if we don’t match up to popular standards of beauty.

You could start by looking in the mirror yourself.

10. That all women are bad drivers.

Not all men are good drivers.

Things Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

11. That we are too fussy in bed.

Remember that women take longer to orgasm - be generous with the foreplay.

12. That it's okay to walk up to us at a bar and force a conversation upon us without invitation.

It’s just as embarrassing for us when we turn you down as it is for you.

13. That we should be just like your mom.

We know that men are kids at heart, but if you expect perfectly round rotis all the time and want us to baby you always, then please look elsewhere.

Things Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

14. That it's okay to not make an effort, ever.

Take the trouble to care for your appearance when you meet us, spare a few minutes to ask us about our day and genuinely care, we do the same for you.

15. That being "modern" and independent makes us difficult people.

Nor does it make us shrewd, chaalu or non-marriage material.

16. That lying is an option.

We will leave you, even if you think we won’t.

17. That we always like to be treated like fragile creatures.

We’re capable of taking care of ourselves, and sometimes can do better without patronizing, protectionist behaviour.

Things Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

18. That we will judge you for crying or think it makes you weak.

No matter how macho you are!

19. That monosyllabic responses like “k” and “fine” are enough. 

Would using a proper sentence kill you? Especially after we’ve sent you a long, long text.

20. That all we care about are bags and shoes.

Even if we like to shop, we can still have intelligent conversations.

21. That it's okay to shunt us to the bottom of the list.

Make us feel like a priority, please. Not just an after-thought following your job, Playstation, fave football/cricket team, and friends.

22. That we love clinging to them.

Contrary to what you may think, we’re perfectly okay about not being attached at the hip always. And we LIKE spending time with ourselves and with our girlfriends.

23. That "respect" is optional.

Treat us like your equal; value our importance; don’t take us for granted and love us like you mean it, because you know that you can’t live without us.

Things Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

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