The Perfect Cocktail For Every Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Cocktail For Every Zodiac Sign
There is one yummy cocktail out there that is created for every zodiac sign. It’s a drink that syncs with one’s personality and drinking preferences. So we decided to tell you a couple of things not only about yourself, but also about which cocktail suits your zodiac sign the best! Here’s a list of the perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign. Cheers, ladies!

1. The Smooth Aries

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - You’re always brewing with ideas and energy - this is great, but you need to reward  yourself with a break sometimes. The best thing to do is calm down and relax. Ponder over things in life, take a deep breath, keep a calm mind, and sip on a tall drink!

Your Ideal Cocktail - The long Island Ice Tea is a perfect drink for you. It’s got the right proportions of alcohol, tastes delicious, and will last till you come up with a few more brilliant ideas.

2. The Headstrong Taurean

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - When it comes to drinking, you like to take it slow. You drink to enjoy, and not to get drunk. Good music, a fun group of friends to hang out with, and a fabulous drink by your side, is what makes you the happiest.

Your Ideal Cocktail - You like a drink that’s smooth, packed with flavors, and served chilled. The Pina Colada is your type of cocktail. It’s fruity, it’s got a dash of sinful white rum, and has a creamy coconut taste to it!

3. The Super-Social Gemini

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - A gemini woman is high on life. She loves to socialize, laugh and enjoy every bit of her time spent here on planet earth. She’s a free spirit, and fancies only the finest of things.

Your Ideal Cocktail - For a woman who has a good taste in choosing her liquor, the fruity Martini would be an ideal pick. This cocktail is a mixture of various juices, fruit liqueurs, and infused spirits. (How wonderful does that sound?)

4. The Emotional Cancerian

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - When you drink, your emotions take over you. You either become really happy or you drown in your own sorrows. You need a drink that will not only lift your spirit, but also make you feel refreshed.

Your Ideal Cocktail - Since you have a hard time controlling and keeping a tab on your liquor, we think that the Caipiroska would satisfy your taste buds and needs. This sugary yet sour drink will keep you on your guard at all times.

5. The Charismatic Leo

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - When you walk into a bar, you command attention. You love a good drink, making small talk, and sending flirty signals to the cute guy who’s sitting bang across your table.

Your Ideal Cocktail -  You know which cocktail would go hand in hand with your personality? Sex On The Beach, of course! The fruity punch, and that dash of vodka is like the sugar and spice relationship you share with your peeps. This drink was invented for you!

6. The Sophisticated Virgo

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - You have a great drinking capacity, Virgo. You drink to enjoy and celebrate, and that’s probably why each of your drinking sessions are so memorable. You are fun to hang out with because of your vibrant humour and light spirit.

Your Ideal Cocktail - A spicy alcoholic drink will compliment your personality beautifully. Every sip of the Bloody Mary tastes different, and that’s what you are, Virgo, full of variety!

7. The Bubbly Libran

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - You believe in having a good time when you’re partying. You groove to the music, engage in conversations with your friends, and enjoy every sip you take from your drink. You attract tons of people with your positivity and chilled-out personality.

Your Ideal Cocktail - The Daiquiri is a drink that was invented keeping your personality in mind. The drink is cool, sweet, and chilled - just like your attitude!

8. The Smouldering Scorpion

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality: You're an intense kinda girl. What you need at the end of the day is a drink that you can de-stress with. Something full of flavour and which catches up on you slowly as you unwind.

Your Ideal Cocktail: You can't go wrong with Sangria. The sweetness of fruit combined with the aroma of wine (we'd pick a rich red for you) is the perfect sundowner for you!

9. The Naughty Sagittarius

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality: You’re the life of the party, and everyone wants a piece of you. You love chugging down alcohol and encouraging your friends to do the same. Having fun has always been your motto. In short, you’re a party animal, and you know it!

Your Ideal Cocktail: Tequila shots are your thing. The thrill of downing them one after another is precisely what excites you. Be careful to not have too many of those though, unless you want your head to be stuck in the commode for the entire night!

10. The Intense Aquarian

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality: When you’re happy, you’re so much fun, and when you’re grumpy, your peeps keep an arm’s distance away from you. What you need to do is beat the stress and lighten up!

Your Ideal Cocktail -  The ultimate mood lifter - The Margarita! Since it has so many flavours combined into one mix, it makes the perfect treat for your taste buds. Happy taste buds = Happy mood!

11. The Cool Capricorn

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality - You’re a live wire, Capricorn. Partying with you is so MUCH fun. People don’t know what to expect when they’re having a night out with you. All they know is that the night is going to be an epic one!

Your Ideal Cocktail - There is only one cocktail that defines you the best, and that’s a Mojito! Just like your vibrant personality, the mojito as a drink is light, tasty and refreshing.

12. The Peaceful Piscean

perfect cocktail for every zodiac sign

Your Personality: You maybe cool and collected most of the time - and even selective about whom you hang out with - but alcohol makes you really open up and turn into quite the party animal!

Your Ideal Cocktail - A confident girl like you needs a confident drink in her hand, and that’s exactly what the Cosmopolitan is. The sweet taste of cranberry juice, mixed with vodka and a balanced amount of lime juice makes a mouthwatering drink.

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