Lust List: 10 Amazing Spring Dresses We're Crushing On

Lust List: 10 Amazing Spring Dresses We're Crushing On
It’s time again for the outdoor parties and lazy weekend picnics! It’s one of our favorite times of the year, especially considering the wide variety of outfits we’re dying to try out (now that they won’t be completely hidden by bulky overcoats). So here is a special list compiled entirely of spring dresses that’ll be easy on the pocket and keep you right on trend!

1. Koovs Textured Poppy Check Cami Dress

Spring Dresses 1 Koovs Cami Dress

It may be floral but it’s also a check. The layering of the two prints makes for a quite interesting look in our opinion. Probably not the perfect choice for a tea party but let’s be honest, who was planning on attending one of those anyway?

Price: Rs 1,495. Buy it here.

2. Apricot Metamorphose Dress

Spring Dresses 2 Apricot Metamorphose Dress

Just because it’s floral doesn’t mean you can’t look sexy in it! This dress has just enough print to make you look current, and has got a definitely lust worthy detail on the back.

Price: Rs 1,599. Buy it here.

3. CHM Off White Printed A-Line Dress

Spring Dresses 3 CHM Off White Printed

This isn’t the typical silhouette you would have expected to see in this list. Or the typical print - is it even floral or isn’t it? We love the abstract look of this one, leaves people intrigued. And the shape is perfect if you’re still trying to hide a bit of the winter weight.

Price: Rs 749. Buy it here.

4. Dorothy Perkins Multi Botani Pleated Maxi

Spring Dresses 4 Dorothy Perkins Floral Maxi

Maxis are a must for this transition period from the biting winter to the sweltering summer. This Dorothy Perkins dress has a very soft print that works for any day activity you’ve got planned with your friends. Just looking at it makes us want to pack a basket of snacks and head out to enjoy the weather.

Price: Rs 3,954. Buy it here.

5. Angie Printed Shift Dress

Spring Dresses 5 Angie Printed Shift Dress

Black is always going to be the new black and forgetting about it is not something we can do, even for Spring. So here’s a Shift dress that combined the best of both. It’s not all black so you won’t be wondering why you chose to wear it when the sun comes out & as a plus, your legs will look gorg with that dipped hem.

Price: Rs 1,615. Buy it here.

6. Metelasse Skater Dress

Spring Dresses 6 Forever 21 Coral Dress

Need something thats works for both work and play? Here’s the answer to your dilemma! Coral is about as Spring as you get and you can wear it for a formal event or just accessorize is for a lunch with the girls.

Price: Rs 1,369. Buy it here.

7. Koovs Lace Yoke Shoulder Tab Maxi Dress

Spring Dresses 7 Koovs Lace Yoke Shoulder

You can’t go wrong with pastels this season and this maxi just proves that. We especially like the lace panel as it make the dress look  It’s the epitome of chic and comfort and putting it on will only brighten your day.

Price: Rs 1,295. Buy it here.

8. Atorse White Maxi Dress

Spring Dresses 8 Atorse White Maxi Dress

Stuck in the city and missing the vacation days? Wearing this will take away your blues for sure. It’s flowy and will make you feel like you’re walking on the beach instead of the crowded streets of the markets. Limit it just for these few weeks though, you don’t want to be caught in the rain in this one.

Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

9. Tommy Hilfiger Lemon Shortsleeve Striper Dress

Spring Dresses 9 Tommy Hilfiger Yellow

The heat can get a bit much on some of the days leading up to the Indian summer and this short sleeved dress is a godsend for those one. Tommy Hilfiger is the obvious choice for a striped dress and this yellow one is a favorite of ours.

Price: Rs 2,399. Buy it here.

10. Zipped Crepe Shirtdress

Spring Dresses 10 Zara Printed Shirtdress

Shirtdresses can’t be left out of this list! They aren’t appreciated enough or even seen a lot on the streets. But they have great fit and you can depend on them to make you look your best with minimal effort.

Price: Rs 3,990. Buy it here.

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