your phone is your true soulmate

15 Signs Your Phone Is Your True Soulmate

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

Your daily routine starts and ends with using your smartphone. It’s like you are emotionally connected to it and never let it out of your sight. Ladies, if you can relate to these points then you know for sure that your phone is your true soulmate. Go give it a loving tap.

1. Your heart stops when you can’t find your phone in your bag/pocket.

2. Losing your phone is possibly the worst possible thing that can happen

your phone is your true soulmate

3. You can’t fall asleep at night without cuddling up with it and staring at the screen for - let’s say - a sufficient amount of time.

4. And your first waking thought is to check your phone.

5. Leaving your phone at home is not an option, you have been known to turn back to pick it up

your phone is your true soulmate

6. Your phone is the best company. You don’t mind waiting in annoyingly long queues with it.

7. Every time your phone vibrates or makes a noise, your heart skips a beat!

8. You can’t watch a movie or TV without checking your phone every 10 minutes to see if you missed any notifications.

your phone is your true soulmate

9. When someone tries to touch your phone, you immediately jump into ninja mode!

your phone is your true soulmate

10. You would rather use a faulty phone then part with it to send it for repairs. You’ve accepted it with all its faults.

11 . You always walk hand in hand.

12. Everyone knows how you can not live without your phone.

your phone is your true soulmate

13. It knows all your deep, dark secrets, including those important passwords and naughty texts.

14. You love it so much you’re constantly buying it things. Cool phone covers are your fave accessory!

15. You are never, ever, ever without your phone #SoulmatesForever!!!

your phone is your true soulmate

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Published on Feb 11, 2015
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