Stay Single: 7 ways to enjoy your single-hood!

Stay Single: 7 ways to enjoy your single-hood!
If you’re looking for a steady relationship and going through a lot of really crappy ones, you may need to slow it down a bit and stay single for a bit. Now, we’re not saying flings are a no-no. On the contrary, they’re fun. But try not to expect perfection in every person you date. Here are 7 signs you might need to stay single for a while.

1. If You Find Yourself Hopping from Relationship to Relationship

Going from one serious relationship to another is never a good idea. All break-ups need time to heal from...or rejoice over! Whatever be your story, relationship hopping isn’t a walk in the park. Take a break, go on a trip alone or with other single friends, go have some fun without any commitments. Stay single for a while – you know you deserve it. signs you might need to be single 1

2. If You Can’t Just Accept Compliments and Move On

It feels wonderful to be complimented. Everyone likes it. But learn to accept them at face value, have a pleasant conversation and move on. Don’t think that every compliment from a guy you like means something. Life is tough enough already - don’t over-think things and get too easily invested in them. signs you might need to be single 2

3. When You Feel Disappointed That Life Is Not Like Your Favourite Rom-Com

We’ve watched all the movies where the protagonists have a one-night stand and then magically realize that they’re perfect for each other. We sometimes expect the same thing to happen to us - it doesn’t. If you do have a one-night stand, don’t expect him to fall for you. That’s basically the opposite of the whole concept! If you’re only looking for a serious relationship, stay far, far away from one-nighters. You’re only going to hurt yourself. 
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4. You Want a Husband... Right Now!

No matter how long your relationship has been, if you haven’t spoken about marriage at all, it’s unrealistic to expect him to pop the question. Forget about how many months or years you’ve been together. When the time is right, you’ll both feel it. It’s best to go into a commitment like marriage after several discussions on your life ahead and what both of you want individually and as a couple. If you want to marry him, tell him...or throw subtle hints his way. If he wants it, he’ll let you know too. If he doesn’t want long-term commitment, find somebody else who wants the same things as you. Don’t force anyone to change for you - both of you will regret it in the future. It is best to stay single until you figure out the perfect one!signs you might need to be single 4

5. When He Becomes the Centre of Your Life

Strong, independent women don’t need to make a guy the center of their lives. He should be a part of your life, not all of it. You have other, more important people to think about too. Never ignore your family or your friends or even yourself to keep him happy. If he is the right guy for you, he’ll understand that and give you your space. And you should do the same. Expecting him to be around you or with you on the phone all day is both impractical and unhealthy. 
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6. If You Feel the Need for Public Declarations to Validate Your Relationship

They say the one sign of true love is an individual’s relationship status on social media. They’re wrong. Posting pictures with him all the time, changing your relationship status and insisting he does the same are signs of insecurity and instability in a relationship, not love. Relationships are private. You don’t need to prove anything to the prying eyes of the world. Stay single until it happens organically – including social media PDA! signs you might need to be single 6

7. When a Break-Up Feels Like the End of the World

Don’t ever let yourself believe that the end of a relationship will mean the end of the world for you. Your world is a lot more than one man. You have a lot to accomplish and a lot to see. Don’t lose heart. Make yourself happy, even if that happiness doesn’t come with a man in tow. signs you might need to be single 7GIFs: giphy, tumblr, feministing

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