Ek Duje Ke Liye: Signs You Are In an Amazing Relationship!

Ek Duje Ke Liye: Signs You Are In an Amazing Relationship!
Like they say, a good relationship doesn’t just happen, it takes time, patience and two people who want to make it work. So if you have found your ideal man, read on to find out if your relationship is perfect, and makes you both feel awesome! Presenting 15 signs you are in an amazing relationship.

1. The Independent Duo

While you love to (and should) do things together, you guys have zero dependency issues. From making the morning cuppa to shopping, or even buying insurance, you both take care of your own stuff and are flexible with constantly changing work schedules, and plans of one another.

signs you are in an amazing relationship

2. With Respect

Both of you acknowledge the fact that each one of you is unique, and wonderful in your own way. Come what may, you don’t put each other down and know the limits of joking in public and private.

3. Trust Is Must

Even if you go out partying with friends, without him, or he does the same, it is okay! And this superb understanding hardly leaves any room for jealousy and negativity.

signs you are in an amazing relationship

4. In Equal Measures

You both appreciate each others sacrifices and victories, and feel each of you is equally participating and invested in the relationship. Nothing brings you more joy than realizing that this is a beautiful and fulfilling bond of two souls who respect one another.

5. Unbound Love

Love is what happens in the bedroom. Love is also what happens outside the bedroom. And above all love is the realization that you people complete each other! Frequent lovey-dovey texts may sound cheesy, but hey, who are you kidding - you love each others attention.

signs you are in an amazing relationship

6. Taking Things The Way They Come

While you both believe in a happy-forever, you hardly rush things. Whether it may be important decisions, or dealing with adversities - you let things take their own course of action.

7. Frank and Unguarded

From farts to fashion,  to friends - you can discuss literally anything under the sun. Even at 3 in the night.

signs you are in an amazing relationship

8. I’m Sticking With You

From getting out of a bad habit to inspiring one another to be better, you are proud of each other and complete each other in ways no one else can understand!

9. Fight For Good

Fights are inevitable and often necessary for a healthy relationship. No, we are not talking about howling, abusing and tearing each others hair off. Fights are more like matured debates where you pick your battles, are honest with one another, and even agree to disagree.

10. We Love Us

You know your life is better because of your partner, and will never miss to express gratitude every chance you get.

signs you are in an amazing relationship

11. Sound of Silence

Silences aren’t awkward for you guys. You can spend time and even connect and communicate in quietude. Learning to the let the world be sometimes is something both of you believe in.

12. Stand By Me

In good times or bad, you’re always each others best friend and support. Even if one of you feels pathetic, the other one knows how to cheer things up.

13. All About Us

From allergies to the way one will react to a certain situation, you both know everything there is to know about each other. And yes you will do everything in your capacity to make sure the other one is comfortable at all times.

signs you are in an amazing relationship

14. Acts of Love

You hold hands, hug, and blow kisses every chance you get. May sound corny, but then again whoever issued a moratorium on PDA ?

15. Hum Saath Saath Hai

You respect each others upbringing and don’t fret when it comes to meeting the family. On those family dinner nights, you fit in just perfectly without feeling too awkward.

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