#InstaLove: 11 Signs You Are a Hopeless Instagram Addict!

#InstaLove: 11 Signs You Are a Hopeless Instagram Addict!
Exactly how addictive can an app that lets you share photos, after you’ve applied a couple of effects, be? Very, very addictive.

1. According to you, there are only two kinds of life moments – those that are Instagram worthy, and those that are not.

instagram addict (1)

2. Your feel that your photos are incomplete unless they're accompanied by a minimum of 25 hashtags.

instagram addict (2)

3. Oh, and you absolutely hate it when people use hashtags incorrectly or don’t leave a space in between them.

instagram addict (3)

4. You’ve delayed many people's dinners because you want to take artistic shots of their food for Insta.

instagram addict (4)

5. And when you’re out for a meal, you only order the “prettiest” items on the menu.

instagram addict (5)

6. You’ve tried to switch up makeup products to give your face the same effect as your favourite Instagram filter.

instagram addict (6)

7. Every other social networking site pales in comparison to Instagram.

instagram addict (7)

8. Your "following" list isn’t merely a list of other people using the app, but people whom you share a close personal connection with.

instagram addict (8)

9. You get a real adrenaline rush every time you cross 50 "likes" on a photo.

instagram addict (9)

10. As far as you’re concerned, every coffee is now filtered coffee.

instagram addict (10)

11. And you’ve spent many, many hours in front of the mirror perfecting your “selfie face”!

instagram addict (11)

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