Spot the Diva: You Know You Are a Drama Queen When...

Spot the Diva: You Know You Are a Drama Queen When...
Do you sometimes feel like you’ve walked straight out of a K-serial? Does Poo from K3G remind you of yourself? Is there no lack of masala in your life, and you absolutely love making a big deal of things? Well, ladies, if your answer is yes, then it might be that you are a certified drama queen! Here are 17 signs that you truly are one...

1. You love making a grand late entrance at a social do, when the entire party halts to take note!

2. You have often imagined (and often) executed this routine: at the mention of something you disapprove of, you raise your chin, flick your hair, and stalk away!

3. When you manage to make whatever you’re doing sound like an exciting covert op, even if you are just going to pick up your laundry!

4. You realize that the resounding Bollywood “Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin” was created for you! “What, the presentation is tomorrow? Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiin…”

Drama Queen 4

5. Everyone in your office remembers that day last month when you couldn’t find your fave top in the morning and arrived at office all grumpy, only to discover that your boss had not approved your leave application. The exit from his cabin was followed by an entire line-up of superb dramatic performances.

6. A typical day out with friends or family looks like this: you spot a puppy on the road: “OMG!”; you spot a new shop: “OMG!”; you spot nothing on the road: “OMG!”

7. Other people would be angry and fight with a friend who has kept you waiting, and then get over it. But when it comes to you, 10 phone call, 20 texts, and countless bouts of begging for forgiveness is the only way to go!

Drama Queen 8

8. You have been lovingly christened Nautanki by family and friends.

9. Sometimes, you like to think that your life is a Karan Johar movie - and you are the star, of course. From boyfriend issues to work problems to fashion dilemmas, you think your life has the all the makings of a super hit film script.

Drama Queen 10

10. Because “drama” captures so much about you, you are often surrounded by it. Yes, you are a drama-magnet!

11. You’re convinced that you would be a fantastic actress. After all, you have such an expressive face, and you really do know how to emote with your voice!

12. When your friend tells you she had a fight with her boyfriend, your first thought is to go fight with him too!

Drama Queen 13

13. When you are served a cold dish in a restaurant, instead of sending it back and asking for a fresh one, you’re more likely to walk into the kitchen and ask the chef: “How could you do this to ME?”

14. “You know what?”, “Don’t tell anyone I told you this” and “Whatever” - these are the most used phrases in your vocabulary. And, of course, “OMG!”

15. You feel like your life deserves a background score. (We agree!)

Drama Queen 16

16. When your house is filled with “Keep Calm” merchandise. Posters, mugs, keychains, cushion covers - we name it, you have it. You can’t help if that’s what friends and acquaintances decide to bring for you from trips!

17. You secretly wish you could wear a tiara and stomp around like a queen all day, occasionally saying: “Off with their heads!”

Drama Queen 18

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