#SingleGirlProblems: When NOT to See Him Again

#SingleGirlProblems: When NOT to See Him Again
So, you were introduced by a well-meaning friend or the local matchmaking aunty. Or maybe you even met via a dating app. First dates are supposed to be fun, right? They are also nerve-wracking, stressful and sometimes downright blah. And more often than not, it doesn’t really go that well. Here are 16 surefire signs that there should be no second date!

1. He Is Rude to the Waiters

If he’s clicking his fingers and is rude when talking to the serving staff, it’s time to never see him again. How he talks to people who can’t afford to answer back is very telling.

there should be no second date

2. He Has BO or Bad Breath

If he can’t care about personal hygiene, he doesn’t deserve your time. He’s a big boy. He should know how to deal with these issues.

3. His Conversation Is Inappropriate

He should know what makes for good first-date conversation. Asking over-familiar questions or telling off-colour jokes is not it.

4. He Really Does Not Know Where to Look

He should be talking to your face, not to your boobs. He should be focused on you, not on the babe on the next table.

there should be no second date

5. He’s Boring

So boring that you can’t wait to go home and curl up with a rerun of Pretty Little Liars.

6. He Makes Fun of Something You Love

You say you love a song, and he just disses it and calls it lame.

7. He Has Really Bad Table Manners

It’s hard to concentrate on anything when you can see the pasta swirling around in his mouth every time he speaks.

there should be no second date

8. He Does Not Offer to Pay

Of course you are happy to split the bill. But if he does not even offer to pay, then we are totally having second thoughts.

9. He Uses Abusive Language

’Nuff said.

10. He Constantly Mentions His Ex

How hot she was. Or worse - how he broke up with her ’coz it was her fault.

11. He Flashes His Cash

So NOT attractive.

there should be no second date

12. He’s Too Touchy-Feely

Nobody wants to go out with Mr Grabby Hands!

13. He Makes Too Many Chauvinistic Comments About Women

If he passes comments about how he doesn’t like independent women, get out of there, honey.

there should be no second date

14. He Gets Super-Wasted

He should be saving that for boys’ night.

15. He Keeps Texting Someone Else Throughout

Or checks Facebook or What’sApp every 10 minutes. Send him a text that you’re leaving, and walk away.

16. All He Talks about Is Himself

Or his ex!

there should be no second date


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