#Sizzle: 7 Easy-Peasy Steps To Up Your Sex Game Right Now

#Sizzle: 7 Easy-Peasy Steps To Up Your Sex Game Right Now
You’re having sex. But could you be having better sex? The answer to that question, ladies, is “ALWAYS”! And if you’re wondering what you need to do, worry not, we are here to help. These easy-peasy sex tricks are tried and tested - all you need to do is give them a shot!

Step 1: Change It Up

Yes, it’s true, there are some moves and positions that work the best for your partner. In fact, it’s satisfaction guaranteed. But the downside of this (yes, there is one) is that it can, over time, start to feel very predictable. Switch up the order in which you do stuff. Begin with a position that may not be your favourite but is exciting because it is unusual for you guys. Keep your partner guessing, and you will definitely find yourself rewarded for it.

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Step 2: Watch Something Erotic Together

Come on, you know that you have both watched porn at least a couple of times in your life. Why not try doing it together? Find yourself a sexy little video (the Internet can come in handy!), and watch it together. The on-screen action will definitely inspire you some. And, who knows, you might even learn a new thing or two!

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Step 3: Move It to Another Room

Your own bedroom is the best option when it comes to a prolonged session of lovemaking - you won’t hear any arguments from us on that score. But there comes a time in a girl’s life when she must be bold and step up her game. Try a session in the living room. And if that feels less-than-right (after all, you gotta clean up afterwards and put your couch to rights and stuff), simply take it to the bed in the guest room instead of the master bedroom. The unfamiliarity and newness will definitely add an edge to your regular routine.

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Step 4: Pull Up That Mirror

Watching yourself and your partner can add immense depth to your feeling of pleasure. Think about it this way: you know when we talked about how watching porn can turn you on? Well, imagine how much more effective watching yourselves is going to be... The best part: you get to do the watching without worrying about incriminating sex tapes!

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Step 5: Try a Blindfold

No, you don’t have to go all Fifty Shades on your partner. (Unless that’s the way you swing, of course.) But using a blindfold on your partner (or allowing him to use one on you) is going to be exciting. As great as watching each other is, the deprivation of your visual sense aids strongly in sharpening your other ones. You will find yourself listening more for changes in your breathing,focusing on the scent of each other’s skin…it’s all very magnified and intense. Besides, that slight shift in control, where one of you depends just a wee bit more on the other - it’s kind of kinky! (P.S.: Don’t you both be blindfolded at the same time - falling off the bed becomes a real possibility then!)

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Step 6: Write Out Those Fantasies

Seriously. Write him an email describing to him what you’d like to do to him (or have done to yourself). And ask him to reply in the same vein. Spend a day or two when you’re apart doing this. Not only does this afford you the chance to tell each other stuff that you might be too embarrassed to say out loud, but also the very fact of knowing that you’re expressing your desire for each other even while you’re not in bed is going to add to your arousal and anticipation about the next time you’re together.

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Step 7: Draw Up a “Dirty” Calendar

Send him a Google calendar invite - “Friday, 9 p.m., bedroom”. Trust us, the knowledge that - amongst the many meetings and chores and other things that you have on your daily schedule - you have an appointment for doing the deed is most certainly going to be at the top of his and your mind all day (or maybe even week) long. And this is one meeting you better not be late for!

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