12 Reasons Why We Are Secretly Happy to Be Single on V-Day! | POPxo
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12 Reasons Why We Are Secretly Happy to Be Single on V-Day!

12 Reasons Why We Are Secretly Happy to Be Single on V-Day!

Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya, main to khud se pyaar jataaun” - whatever be our feelings about “Sheila ki jawaani”, we can’t argue that that line rings particularly true for a single girl on Valentine’s Day! While the world around drowns in mush, we bring you 12 reasons why we are secretly glad about being single on V-Day …

1. A Valentine’s Day date never actually lives up to expectations

Bad dates are bad enough. But a bad V-Day date? That’s the WORST. single on v-day 1

2. All our “couple” friends feel bad for us…

… and call us over and feed us awesome food.

3. No need to participate in a commercial and capitalist holiday…

… that has been built around the anniversary of the beating, stoning and decapitation of the man who gives the occasion its name! single on v-day 3

4. We are not being gifted corny heart-shaped balloons

And thus avoiding the possibility of our house looking like a kids’ birthday party venue. (HOW do they get the balloons to be heart-shaped?!)

5. We will not be forcibly married off by “Indian culture” fundamentalists

This can only be a good thing.

6. No pressure to engage in PDA

It’s sweet in small measures, sure, but SERIOUSLY annoying when the whole world is doing it. single on v-day 6

7. We don’t have to make to make a trip to the parlour…

Have you SEEN the queue at those places come Valentine’s Day?

8. There is one thing better than sharing a bottle of wine…

… and that’s having all of it by ourselves. single on v-day 8

9. It’s the best night to catch up with our single and fabulous friends

We are, for once, all free at the same time and not tied up with other plans!

10. Planning a Fifty-Shades-watching session is better without a partner in tow…

Because we’d rather not make him feel bad about watching us drool over Jamie Dornan. single on v-day 10

Date me, Jamie, ME!

11. Those Valentine’s Day offers and discounts…

It is GREAT to be able to spend them all on ourselves.

12. No one’s gifting us chocolates and flowers

We’re not sure that we really want to be overloaded with things that make us fat or die on us! single on v-day 12 GIFs: giphy.com, tumblr.com, gurl.com MUST-READ: “Poor You” and Other Things Single Girls Hate Hearing! MUST-READ: #SingleGirlProblems: When NOT to See Him Again
Published on Feb 14, 2015
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