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Scissor Struggles? 10 Problems Only a Lefty Can Understand!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

If while picking up the pen to take notes, or a cup of coffee, you extend your left hand - then, my dear friend, the world is a cruel place for you. Being left-handed in an dominantly right-handed world can be taxing. How many times have you walked into a classroom full of chairs that have writing boards on the right side? Or struggled with opening a can of tuna with a right-designed opener? Here are 10 things that only a left-handed person can understand. (Don't worry, we feel your pain!) 

1. You always goofed up when you shook hands with a righty.

- That awkward silence was deafening.

left-handed person can understand

2. Trying to swipe the page on a tablet or a touch screen phone

- Let’s face it, touch screens were designed without keeping lefties in mind.

left-handed person can understand

3. Writing on a spiral notebook was a living hell!

- Definitely not your cup of tea.

left-handed person can understand

4. Bumping into a person’s elbow during lunch was an everyday scene.

- Now you know why people didn’t want to sit beside you...

left-handed person can understand

5. Since all the numbers on the keyboard are placed on the right, you always had a hard time typing any kind of math stuff.

- Sad, but true.

left-handed person can understand

6. The desks in college/ school had chairs that were designed for only right-handed people.

- Even the education system couldn’t bother enough about you .

left-handed person can understand

7. Opening door knobs, using an ice-cream scoop, holding a pair of scissors were always a pain in the butt.

- #TrueStory

left-handed person can understand

8. You sucked at using game controllers since the primary buttons were placed to the right.

- Maybe you should give up and go play outside for a change.

left-handed person can understand

9. The moment you confess that you’re a lefty, people give you that weird, confused-looking expression.

- Questions like, “Are you left-handed?”, “How can you write properly using your left-hand?” and “How does it feel to be left-handed?” are things you were destined to answer.

left-handed person can understand

10. Ink smudges on the edge of your palm since your hand would drag across what you just wrote...

- The baap of all left-handed problems.

left-handed person can understand

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Published on Feb 23, 2015
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