#MovingOn: How to Be Friends With an Ex

#MovingOn: How to Be Friends With an Ex
Being friends with your ex isn't easy. Many would say it's impossible, perhaps even unnatural, given that there’s so much history. But it can be done. Here are some simple steps to get you to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

1. Talk about what went wrong

This is important. Talk about the crap you did to each other. Admit the mistakes and accept the apologies. You have both moved on, but it's important to not let anymore resentment brew further.

how to be friends with an ex

2. Appreciate the fact that you know each other

Relationships aren't easy. And being friends with your ex might seem like a reminder of the investment that you both made in vain. But remember, the two of you know each other really well and a friendship based on that can be awesome!

3. Have no expectations

If you think you and your ex will hook up, then don't even think about being friends. It's a bad idea. A REALLY BAD IDEA!

how to be friends with an ex

4. Post break up space

You've just broken up? Get away - you require your own space. Go through the whole process - hate him, miss him, hate him again until you're sure you've moved on. Only then think about being friends again.

5. Spend time cautiously

Maybe you don't want to be with him again, but he might. Or vice versa. Be cautious and be sure that neither of you have residual feelings - otherwise you're just headed for more pain!

how to be friends with an ex

6. Things have changed

They have and that's a good thing. Don't pretend otherwise and learn to accept and even like the new state of affairs.

7. Explain to your new boyfriend that you and your ex are just friends

Being best friends with your ex at the risk of a jealous BF isn't really worth it. Explain to him why you want to be friends with your ex and make sure he believes you. Trust is all you need!

8. Don't fall into old patterns

Remember that cute thing you two used to do when you were a couple? Don't do it again. Old patterns are dangerously common for exes trying to be friends. Beware!

9. Think of the reason...

...as to why you want to be friends with him. If it's because you have the same friends or you feel bad for him, or worse, because he’s become a habit - then this is NOT a good idea.

how to be friends with an ex

10. Know when to quit

If you want to be friends, and he doesn't - let it be. If he still has feelings for you - it's time to stop trying. Friendship can't be forced :)

how to be friends with an ex

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