11 Crazy Things We All Do to Avoid Using Public Loos!

11 Crazy Things We All Do to Avoid Using Public Loos!
We’ve all been in super awkward situations where we’ve really had to pee and have gone to absurd lengths to avoid using those dirty and stinky public loos. We bring you the most over-the-top things that people resort to in order to not have to use a public loo!

1. Public peeing!

Opening the front and back doors of the car and squatting in the middle of the road to take a leak while on a road trip! What other option is there? Those filthy petrol pump loos? YUCK!

2. Shopping - only to pee!

Pretending you're shopping for baby clothes - because Mother Care has a changing room for new moms and babies, and so has the cleanest loos!

3. Dehydrating ourselves while travelling

Drinking as little water as possible while on an inter-city bus so you don’t have to pee when the bus stops for a loo break.

indian women loo problems

4.  Always the first in the queue!

Waking up at 5 a.m. if you're on an overnight train journey so that you can take a leak without having to deal with other people's horrible pooping habits.

indian women loo problems

5. Saying no to beer!

Switching to whisky or rum instead of your favourite beer, because you know the bar you are drinking at has loos disgusting beyond imagination.

6. Using your date's loo and then fleeing the scene!

Accepting a post-dinner night cap offer from a guy you're not really into, simply because you can go upstairs and pee. And then pretending you suddenly remembered an early morning meeting, and fleeing the scene.

indian women loo problems

7. Restaurant restrooms to the rescue

Walking into a posh restaurant with your nose up in the air, as if you’re the most important person in the room and walking straight to the loo. If you’re confident, no one looks at you twice to check what you are up to!

8. Sneaking into a hotel loo when no one’s looking

Pretending you're waiting to meet someone at a hotel lobby just so you can slip into the loo at some point without the receptionist judging you.

indian women loo problems

9. “Long time no see! (Where can I pee?)”

Dropping in on a friend you haven’t seen in years just because you happened to be in the neighbourhood and, well, needed to use his/her bathroom.

10. Buying the cheapest thing on the menu so you can use the facilities

Buying a 20 rupee bottle of water at Cafe Coffee Day so you don't feel too embarrassed about just walking in and peeing!

11. Jhaari ke peechhe...

Asking your friend to stand guard while you let it out like men do - shamelessly behind the bushes!

indian women loo problems

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