Do Your Curls Have a Mind of Their Own? Here's What to Do!

Do Your Curls Have a Mind of Their Own? Here's What to Do!
Curls have a life of their own, and hey are going to look different each day. But hey, that’s what makes them unique, right? If you live in a humid place, a not-too-tidy, organized chaos is probably the best you can hope for! Whenever I meet people with hair like mine, my first instinct is to ask them what products they use. I for one have been through at least 25 different brands and products, and have finally figured out a decent way to tame my curls. The secret world of fabulous curly hair is a multi-step routine which may differ from person to person - depending on the climate they live in, and their respective  hair types. Having said that, a tried and tested routine works  for most of us, with a little tweak here and there. Here's how to manage curly hair!

1. It Starts With The Shampoo

I use a frizz free shampoo and conditioner. I’m currently using a range from Living Proof which is body-boosting, yet free of sulfate, heavy silicones or oils so it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

how to manage curly hair

2. It’s All About The Conditioning

One of the biggest woes of having curly hair is dryness, which is why curly haired ladies need to pay more attention to conditioning than women with any other hair type. Condition your locks liberally and leave it on for as long as possible, often. Remember that you can’t brush your hair as often as women with straight or wavy hair, which means that the natural oils produced by your scalp don’t get distributed across your strands, contributing to dryness. Condition like your life depends on it.

3. Scrunch For Curl Definition

Post shower, I scrunch in a leave-in styling cream,  followed by some styling-gel , just to define the curls a little more and get rid of the frizzy fly-aways. My favourite styling gels at the moment are the Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel, and the John Masters Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel. They are not thick like regular gels, and do not need to be washed away after use the same day, making them easy to use.

how to manage curly hair

4. Keep Those Curls Happy

Beside this regimen, try to go for a head massage once a week, or a head spa once a month. Even a dry massage every now and then helps stimulate blood flow in the scalp, which leads to healthier strands. It is important to trim once every 2 months to keep split ends at bay, which curly hair is susceptible to. Also try to avoid too much heat from blow drying or ironing as it tends to leave hair very dry.

5. A Few Tweaks

It’s majorly important to use products that are sulfate-free as it’s a chemical that is too harsh for your precious curls and kinks, and can be very damaging and drying. Also, make sure not to rub your hair when wet with a towel as that will just create even more frizz thanks to the friction it causes. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to help maintain the shape of your curls and again- throw out those straighteners and blow dryers. Curls are sexy, and your locks can definitely do better without the extra dryness they cause.

how to manage curly hair


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